NParks investigating alleged capture & killing of free-range chicken at Pasir Ris Park

Man allegedly kills chicken at Pasir Ris Park, NParks alerted

UPDATE (19 Feb, 7.50pm): NParks confirmed that it was alerted to an incident involving the alleged capture of a free-range chicken at Pasir Ris Park. The board is looking into the matter. You may read NParks’ statement in full below.

While walking at a park in Singapore recently, a man spotted someone carrying what looked like a wild chicken in his hand.

He claimed that he later witnessed the latter killing the chicken in broad daylight.

Disturbed by what he saw, the man shared his experience in the Nature Society Singapore Facebook group on 17 Feb.

In the comments, many netizens urged him to report the incident to the authorities.

Man seemingly kills chicken with bare hands

In his Facebook post of the alleged chicken killing, Mr Lee uploaded images depicting the sequence of events that took place.

The photos featured a man clad in a blue t-shirt and Bermudas, with the first one showing him walking along a pathway while grasping a chicken in one hand.

Source: Facebook

He then turned in another direction, supposedly to the area where he would commence the alleged killing.

Source: Facebook

The last photo captured the man sitting on a grass patch with the chicken on the ground in front of him, as he placed both his hands on the creature.

Source: Facebook

Mr Lee claimed that the man killed the chicken, as he wrote in his caption: “Today while on my walk, I witnessed a killing… so the question is, is it legal?? Will the authorities do something?!?!”

Netizens urge witness to report incident to the authorities

The post garnered significant traction, with many netizens urging Mr Lee to report the incident to the authorities.

Although he never stated whether the chicken is free-roaming, one user who presumed so urged Mr Lee to find a way to stop the man before he does the same to other animals.

Source: Facebook

Another commenter suggested that the alleged culprit may not be aware of laws protecting animals in Singapore. Hence, they implored Mr Lee to submit the images to NParks via the OneService app.

Source: Facebook

Singapore’s revised Wildlife Act states that it is unlawful to kill, trap, take or keep wildlife in any location.

First-time offenders may be fined up to S$10,000 or handed an imprisonment term of up to 6 months or both.

NParks investigating incident involving chicken at Pasir Ris Park

In response to MS News’ queries, NParks confirmed that it was alerted yesterday (18 Feb) to the case of “a man who allegedly caught a free-ranging chicken at Pasir Ris Park”. The board is looking into the matter.

Explaining the offence of capturing a wild animal, NParks wrote:

It is an offence under the Parks and Trees Regulations to capture or displace any animal within any public park without the approval of the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. Carrying out any activity within any public park which one knows or ought reasonably to know may cause injury to, or the death of, any animal or any other organism within any public park is also not permitted. Offenders may be fined up to S$5,000. In the past five years, NParks has taken enforcement action for one case of an individual taking wild chickens from our parks.

The board also issued an advisory for members of the public not to touch birds in the wild, such as free-ranging chickens.

Those who do so or come into contact with such animal waste products should practise good hygiene to reduce the risk of contracting diseases.

Precautionary measures include washing your hands with soap and water.

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