Man From S’pore Accused Of Killing Bali Resort Kitten Found With Cable Tie Around Neck

Man From Singapore Accused Of Strangling & Killing Bali Resort Kitten

On Thursday (15 June), a resort in Bali, Indonesia, shared about an unsettling incident of alleged animal cruelty on their Facebook page.

The resort kitten, Monkey, was found dead on 6 June in a plastic bag. She also had a cable tie tightened around her neck.

Source: Utama Villa Tulamben on Facebook

After studying CCTV recordings, the resort suspects that the culprit was a Singaporean man who was staying there.

While he eventually admitted to taking the kitten, he denied murdering it.

CCTV shows man taking kitten from office of Bali resort

According to a Facebook post by Utama Villa Tulamben, they found the body of their six-week-old kitten, Monkey, in a yellow Prime supermarket plastic bag.

There was a cable tie tightened around her neck, implying that the perpetrator had strangled her.

In an attempt to catch the culprit, they reviewed CCTV footage to search for evidence. Through the footage, they identified a 31-year-old Singaporean tourist acting suspiciously on their premises.

On 5 June, he was spotted visiting the resort’s office at 1.30am, 1.50am and 2.10am. Each time he visited, he allegedly called out to Monkey but to no avail.

Source: Utama Villa Tulamben on Facebook

However, at 10.30am on the same day, the resort claimed that he “forcefully took Monkey” from their closed office before bringing her back to his room.

Source: Utama Villa Tulamben on Facebook

When questioned about his actions, the man reportedly denied any allegations made against him. However, once shown the evidence, he admitted to stealing the kitten.

Despite that, the man supposedly claimed that the kitten escaped from him. He even went around the resort to find her.

The resort, however, said that they did not see him searching for the kitten in any of the CCTV recordings.

Kitten’s dead body found near man’s room

On 5 June at 10.43am, CCTV footage showed that someone had thrown a yellow bag out of the man’s room.

The bag landed in a neighbouring property, on the other side of a boundary wall. The resort claimed that nobody else was seen in the area when cameras captured the incident.

They discovered Monkey’s body in the very same plastic bag with a cable tie around her neck, suggesting strangulation.

While the resort has no exact evidence of the action, they strongly believe from various footage that the man from Singapore is the culprit.

Suspect allegedly a Divermaster & former registered nurse

In addition to the possible animal abuse, the resort alleged that the suspect is a Divemaster, whom a dive guide has shared “troubling accounts of (his) misconduct underwater”.

Taking these factors into consideration, they thus worry about the “well-being and safety of divers under his supervision”.

Furthermore, the resort found out that the man was a registered nurse in Singapore, raising even greater concerns for patients under him.

However, Sengkang General Hospital clarified in a comment that the man has not worked as a nurse since February 2020. They have also informed the Singapore Nursing Board to rectify their records regarding the man’s employment.

Source: Facebook

Resort warns others to be wary when interacting with him

Animal cruelty is no laughing matter, and it is unfortunate that the kitten had to face such a tragic death.

While they cannot prove with certainty that the man killed the kitten, Utama Villa Tulamben hopes to use this incident as a means to warn others about his apparently questionable character.

They also hope that others will be wary when interacting with him in the future.

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Featured image adapted from Utama Villa Tulamben on Facebook.

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