Bugis Kopitiam Diner Tries To Drink Water From Own Bottle, Staff Allegedly Discourages Her

Bugis Coffee Shop Diner Allegedly Stopped From Drinking Water From Own Bottle By Staff

Most restaurants and coffee shops do not allow diners to consume outside food and beverages.

However, one coffee shop purportedly stopped a diner who wanted to drink water from her own bottle.

She had just wanted to swallow her medicine with water when a staff discouraged her from doing so.

Diner wanted to drink water from her bottle to swallow her medicine

According to Shin Min Daily News, 62-year-old Ms Chen visited a coffee shop along Queen Street on Monday (10 July) to have a meal.

After finishing her food, she wanted to take her medicine and took out her own bottle of water that she had brought to the kopitiam.

However, just as she was about to take a sip, the staff there allegedly stopped her from doing so.

This left Ms Chen very confused as she was just drinking still water from her own bottle.

She noted that due to her age, she often needs to take medicine when she goes out. As such, she tends to bring her own bottle of water wherever she goes.

She added that she has visited this coffee shop several times before, but this is the first time she has encountered such a situation.

Drink stall owner says they have been enforcing rule for a long time

When a reporter from Shin Min Daily News visited the coffee shop, they noticed numerous signs reminding patrons not to bring their own food and drinks into the premises.

The drinks stall owner told the paper that they have been following this practice for a long time.

When diners bring their own water bottles, staff would often remind them nicely to not place the bottles on the table.

Furthermore, the owner of the coffee shop highlighted that, unlike a hawker centre, the coffee shop is privately owned so she has to account for expenses like rent and employees’ salaries.

Thus, they do not allow diners to bring in outside food and beverages, including still water.

The coffee shop owner also said that they understand elderly customers might need plain water to consume their medication.

Those who need plain water can always ask the coffee shop for it and they will give it for free.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News.

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