Bukit Panjang Hawker Offers Customer Free Food After She Says She Lost Her Wallet

Stall Owner From Senja Hawker Centre Offers Free Food After Customer Says She Lost Her Wallet

It is not easy to find selfless acts of kindness in society.

However, one Bukit Panjang hawker was kind enough to give a customer a free plate of food when she asked for it.

In a social experiment, the customer had informed the hawker that she lost both her phone and wallet, and thus could not pay for her meal.


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The hawker then proceeded to offer the customer free food even though she could not pay for it.

Customer claims she lost wallet as part of social experiment

A first-person video by TikTok user @unreelfoods shows a woman approaching a stall at Senja Hawker Centre and claiming that she lost her wallet and phone.

She then asks the hawker if she can still get a meal from their stall.

Source: @unreelfoods on TikTok

The hawker ponders the request for a moment before telling the customer to take a seat.

She then says she’ll bring over a plate of food in a moment.

Source: @unreelfoods on TikTok

Once the food is prepared, she gives it to the customer.

Customer thanks hawker for offering free food

Upon receiving the food, the customer comes clean and admits that she did not actually lose her wallet — she simply wanted to see how the hawker would react.

She then pays the hawker for the food — and even gives her an extra S$58 for her kindness.

Source: @unreelfoods on TikTok

She tells the hawker that she can use the money however she likes, including giving it to others in need.

The hawker initially rejects the money. However, she eventually accepts it and thanks the customer.

Hawker says it’s her duty to feed people

The customer then asks the hawker a few questions, such as why she chose to help her and if she does this often.

In response, the hawker notes that customers will always pay for their food. However, if someone without the means to pay approaches them, she will not force them to pay.

Source: @unreelfoods on TikTok

To her, she has to “feed people”. Thus, this act of selflessness comes naturally to her.

Source: @unreelfoods on TikTok

Netizens were extremely touched by the hawker’s act of kindness, with many applauding her for her selflessness.

Source: @unreelfoods on TikTok

When one user remarked that no one helped them when they really had no money, the OP shared that this is why they want to highlight kind business owners so that more people will support them.

Source: @unreelfoods on TikTok

So if you want to support this kind hawker, drop by Subakani Family Stall at Senja Hawker Centre for a meal.

Though this was just a social experiment, it was still heartwarming to see such acts of kindness in Singapore.

Kudos to the hawker for being ready to help those in need.

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Featured image adapted from @unreelfoods on TikTok.

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