M’sian working in S’pore claims to rent room with mattress on floor for S$650/month

Malaysian pays S$650/month rent on room with mattress in Singapore

A Malaysian working and staying in Singapore has claimed to pay S$650 monthly on rent for a room with just a mattress on the floor.

In a rather viral Facebook post, she expressed shock at the fact that the room’s rental price increased from the previous S$500.

Source: Facebook via Shi Cheng Qu Wen

Some netizens said she should be able to afford better conditions after working for a few years.

Woman from Malaysia rents room with mattress in Singapore

According to Shi Cheng Qu Wen, the woman explained in a Facebook post that she had moved to Singapore to work.

Source: Facebook via Shi Cheng Qu Wen

She wrote: “This is the only way to work hard in this city where every inch of land is like gold.”

“After all, this is the price to pay for 3.5 [conversion rate], so it’s okay! We must have the spirit of Adou in our lives,” presumably referring to the stuffed toy she had on her bed.

She even quoted a line from the movie ‘孤注一掷 (No More Bets)‘, which said: “Today I will sleep on the floor! Tomorrow I will be the boss! We can do it, all workers of the world!”

Pictures of the room showed that there wasn’t even a bedframe — only a mattress on the floor.

The woman added her own touch to the space with cute dinosaur bedsheets, a Mickey Mouse rug and a bright green plush toy that made it look a tad more comfortable.

Rent increased from S$500 to S$650

What surprised netizens was the woman’s claim that the room used to cost RM1,700 (S$500) a month but is now RM2,300 (S$650) monthly.

Despite the increase, she remarked that the place is “good”. She explained: “There is no owner, you can cook and clean by yourself.”

The one downside she highlighted is that the room isn’t air-conditioned. To counter this issue, some comments suggested getting a portable air-conditioner instead.

Others said that because the woman is still young, she should be able to afford better conditions after working for a few years.

Source: Facebook via Shi Cheng Qu Wen

Meanwhile, some others suggested returning to Malaysia to work if the woman wasn’t able to deal with these conditions.

Source: Facebook

However, her comments showed no hints of her contemplating doing so.

Rent prices surged in 2022 due to demand

According to property portal 99.co, HDB rent prices between Q2 and Q3 in Singapore fluctuated heavily, with Marine Parade rent prices dropping to S$3,080 from S$3,400, which is a 9.41% decrease.

Conversely, other areas such as Bedok saw a rise of about 9.33% from S$3,000 to S$3,280.

HDB rental prices continued to fluctuate throughout 2023 amidst completed Build-To-Order (BTO) units and changing market dynamics.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook via Shi Cheng Qu Wen and Miguel Vidal on Canva. Image on the right for illustration purposes only.

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