‘The most manja, obedient dog’: justice sought for poodle that died after helper abused it

Poodle that died after horrific abuse by helper was obedient & affectionate, says owner’s friend

On Tuesday (27 Feb), the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) confirmed that it is investigating the case of a helper abusing a poodle named Boyboy.

Domestic helper seen abusing poodle before its death, AVS investigating incident

The helper had struck the dog with a thick and long object several times.

Boyboy eventually succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

A friend of the dog’s owner later took to social media to describe the canine as “the most manja, obedient dog” while also calling for justice.

Friend says poodle suffered abuse on owner’s birthday

On Wednesday (28 Feb), a Facebook user reposted a statement from the owner’s friend regarding the incident.

Source: Facebook

The person shared that the poodle belonged to a good friend of theirs.

“I am glad finally it has come to light and Boyboy has been given a voice now,” they wrote alongside a photo of the poodle.

They went on to share that they knew about the incident because the fatal abuse occurred on 22 Jan — Boyboy’s owner’s birthday.

“How sad can that be,” the friend stated. “He reached out to me a few days later and asked what he could do.”

They helped the owner to seek out lawyers but were told that there was nothing much they could do.

The most the authorities could do was send the helper back to her home country.

“But is that fair?” the OP asked, pointing out that Boyboy was just “an innocent creature” and the helper should at least serve a lifelong jail term.

They also stated that such abuse could have happened to a baby as well.

Poodle that died described as ‘manja’ & ‘obedient’

In the post, the friend described Boyboy as “the most manja, obedient dog”.

He would always greet everyone and even sit on their laps if they called him over.

The friend then urged everyone to repost their story to help get justice for Boyboy.

The post has since garnered over 600 shares at the time of writing, with many expressing how upset they were by the situation.

One commenter, a helper herself, described the matter as “heartbreaking” and said she hopes Boyboy gets justice.

Source: Facebook

Others called for local authorities to enforce the appropriate punishment on those responsible, pointing out the cruel nature of the abuse the poodle had suffered.

Source: Facebook

This user noted that the incident had left them feeling very disturbed, adding that she hopes the helper goes to prison.

Source: Facebook

Investigations by AVS into the abuse of the poodle are currently ongoing.

In their statement on 27 Feb, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said it is actively gathering evidence and providing the poodle’s owner with guidance on how to navigate the situation.

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