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Netizen Shares ‘Autumn’ Photos At East Coast Park, Makes Us Wish S’pore Had 4 Seasons

Photos Of Leaves Turning Brown At East Coast Park Make Us Wish Singapore Experiences Autumn

Singapore is known as an evergreen garden city. After all, we only experience one season in the tropics: summer. However, some plants around the city still wear different shades once in a while.

On Wednesday (28 Oct), a Facebook user shared photos of such a phenomenon, making many of us do a double take.


The pictures show fallen leaves and autumnal tones of orange and purple.

Autumn at East Coast Park

While the exact time and date of this sighting is unclear, the alluring photos seem to call out to us to go outside for a quick run or walk.


This shot of a shelter in the distance gives off strong Kyoto or Vermont vibes.


Taking a stroll in the park would be such a treat, especially now that leisure travels are on hold. You can always imagine yourself in a totally different country if you believe hard enough.



The notes of purple and brown that are synonymous with autumn may be enough to whisk you away to memories of rustling fallen leaves and air-con temperatures.


Fall visits Singapore once in a while

NParks says that native coastal trees like the Sea Almond are semi-deciduous, meaning that they shed their leaves once or twice a year.

While doing so, the leaves turn from green into a palette of reds, oranges and yellows. This explains why Singapore still experiences ‘mini autumns’ at around this time of the year.


The last time NParks shared this phenomenon was in Nov 2014, so we hope that it’ll occur again soon, as we say goodbye to October.


We are thankful that some trees in Singapore transform once in a while, offering us a nice change in scenery.

Get some autumn fresh air

Though Singapore may experience summer all year long, we are nevertheless excited when we see ‘spring Sakura blossoms’ and autumn leaves.


Beautiful scenes of nature like these encourage us to explore our island more, and fall in love with our city. Let’s hope we’ll see more of them as they continue to thrive.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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