5 Ways To Spot Premature Balding As Shared By Hair Experts, So You Can Tackle It Early

Early Signs Of Premature Balding You Should Know, To Protect Your Hair

As the natural crown on top of your head, your hair is undoubtedly precious, and you’d want to keep it looking healthy for a long time.

Unfortunately, stresses of the real world may put a dampener on that, and in some cases, even lead to problems like premature balding.


Amidst juggling work, family duties, and social life, you may miss the early signs of hair loss, or the earliest opportunity to prevent any other hair issues.

But worry no more, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what you should look out for so that you can get help early.

1. A receding hairline

Back in the heyday of our youths, long fringes and bangs were trendy, be it as a fashion statement or to hide zits and 5-finger foreheads.

Now that adulthood has beckoned a more done-up hairstyle, you might have started noticing your forehead looking a little extra spacious.

Attempts to comb down whatever baby hair you are left with won’t help because let’s face it — your hairline is receding like your feelings for your secondary school crush.


If your hairline seems to be moving further back over time, you will find yourself nearly bald soon enough.


2. Excessive hair fall, especially after brushing or showering

Brushing our hair is a basic part of our daily routine that we never think twice about. That is, until we start noticing our combs or brushes looking a lot hairier than the first time we dragged them across our scalps.

Wait, that can’t be right. All that hair should be on your head, not your brush!

The nightmare might not end there, especially not when you wake up to see strands of hair on your pillow too.

Sadly, if that’s what you’ve been experiencing, there’s a high chance you’re losing hair faster than you can clear work emails from your inbox.

3. Visible hair thinning

To some of us, running our fingers through our luscious locks gives us comfort. So imagine the horror one would feel upon touching sparse strands of hair where lush tresses used to be.

The most common sign is when combing your hair after a hot shower, you realise the time taken is way less than before, simply because there’s less hair to go through.

For ladies, you’d probably notice your ponytail or bun looking less thicc, leaving little room for you to experiment with different hairstyles. You’d also have to tie your rubber band more times around in what may feel like an endless loop.


If this persists, you’d realise that hairstyles are the least of your worries, as you’re now concerned about your hair falling out.

4. Crown balding or hair loss

While the above signs are pretty easy to detect, some may overlook crown hair loss or balding just off the top of your head.

Since this usually occurs in stages, it might take a while before you notice the centre of your scalp being completely void of hair.


By then, you’d probably need many rounds of treatment to salvage it.

5. Patchy bald spots across the scalp

As if one bald spot isn’t scary enough, some folks may encounter multiple smaller ones all over their scalps.


Itchy skin, and in some instances, even slight pain may precede the hair loss, causing much discomfort.

Some men might consider shaving their hair completely in such situations, but not everyone might be keen on that idea.

Treat premature balding & greying with Topp Care Hair Solutions

On top of your current worries, stressing over your falling hair may cause some of your existing hair to turn grey.

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Containing Western botanical ingredients, the treatment will help you regain thicker and darker hair, so you’ll leave the salon looking several years younger than when you walked in.


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Luscious locks for a boost of confidence

To age naturally is indeed dignified, but that doesn’t mean allowing your hair to grey and fall out even from an early age.

Keep your hair looking youthful and healthy by getting treatment early, as long as you know how to spot the signs.

Once you look and feel a lot better about yourself, you can conquer any challenges that come your way with confidence.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Topp Care Hair Solutions.

Featured image adapted from HRM Asia.

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