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Suspected meteor lights up Portugal night sky in blue

Blue meteor streaks across the Portugal night sky

Late night on 18 May, a blue meteor could be seen lighting up the night sky in Portugal. Multiple clips of the occurrence circulated online of people sharing the incredible sight.

According to some reports, the meteorite seemingly impacted the Earth near the town of Castro Daire, but there has been no official confirmation.

Meteor lights up the sky

Multiple videos captured the moment when what appears to be a meteor lit up the European night sky. One dashcam video shows a normal commute at 1am just before a streaking light briefly turns night into day.

Many people attending parties and midnight gatherings also captured the moment. A short compilation shows the moment people saw the suspected meteor.

Plenty of oohs came from the crowd as the sky briefly turned bright blue as the suspected meteor streaked across the sky.

Source: Collin Rugg on X

Authorities have yet to confirm meteor

Authorities told Publico that local firefighters have responded to several calls of an object falling to Earth. However, they have yet to find whatever it is.

The object may have also burned up in the atmosphere, which would make it a meteor as opposed to a meteorite, according to NASA.

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