Skin-crawling caterpillars seen on tree outside JB house, creeps out some netizens

Caterpillars seen on tree in JB identified as lappet moth caterpillars

A netizen living in Johor Bahru (JB) took to Facebook to get some answers after he came across numerous scary-looking caterpillars on a tree just outside his house.

Source: Ameerali Abdeali via Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Facebook

Several netizens said they were creeped out just by seeing the photo of these creatures.

Numerous caterpillars cover tree trunk in JB

A photo of the caterpillars in JB was shared by a netizen named Ameerali Abdeali, who posted in the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group on Saturday (18 May).

It showed dozens of large and hairy caterpillars of various lengths covering a tree trunk.

He said the tree was outside his house, and wanted to ask netizens if they knew what type of caterpillars these were.

Netizens say caterpillars are ‘scary’ & ‘disgusting’

The sight caused quite a bit of reaction online. Netizens responded by saying that the caterpillars were “scary” and “disgusting”. Some said the sight also made their skin crawl and hair stand.

Source: Facebook

One even said that they looked aliens.

Source: Facebook

However, one commenter called the caterpillars “an amazing work of nature” and “beautiful”.

Source: Facebook

Creatures identified as lappet moth caterpillars

Responding to Mr Abdeali’s questions, a handful of netizens identified the creatures as lappet moth caterpillars.

According to Biodiversity Singapore, instead of butterflies, these caterpillars turn into moths, or “lappet moths”.


Their name is taken from the skin flaps on the caterpillar’s prolegs.

The scientific name for this species is Lasiocampidae, which means “woolly caterpillar” in Greek.

Lappet moth caterpillars can also be found in Singapore

While the photo of the lappet moth caterpillars was taken in JB, they can be found in Singapore, too.

In March, Singapore Geographic posted a video of lappet moth caterpillars at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Source: Singapore Geographic on YouTube

They were also seen at the Kranji Marshes, according to a netizen who shared a photo taken there on 12 March.

Source: David Ho Gim Pin via All About Butterflies on Facebook

Those interested in spotting them may keep their eye out the next time they go hiking — if the sight doesn’t horrify them.

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Featured image adapted from Ameerali Abdeali via Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Facebook and David Ho Gim Pin via All About Butterflies on Facebook.

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