Chained Dog Must Leave S’pore Factory By 30 Dec, Fosterer Needed Urgently

Welfare Group Trying To Find Friendly Chained Dog A Permanent Home

While some doggos are lucky enough to have good owners who treat them well, it’s literally a dog’s life for others.

Dogs who’re chained up have it particularly bad, as besides losing their freedom they’re also frequently kept in unhygienic conditions.

It’s the same story for this dog who’s been chained in a factory – he faces a continuation of this wretched fate as he has to leave the factory by 30 Dec.

Look at that pitiful expression on his face.


Someone who can foster the dog is urgently needed as a welfare group tries to find him a forever home.

Factory is shutting down

The poor dog’s plight was shared by Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) in a Facebook post on Monday (27 Dec).


Though the chained doggo’s current life isn’t fantastic, the welfare group said even that is under threat.

He’ll be forced to leave the factory he’s chained at by 30 Dec as the company is shutting down operations there.


Might end up at another factory

Worse still, he’s set to continue his miserable existence as a chained dog.

CDAS said his owner is going to give him to another factory.

There’s it’s likely he’ll be chained again, sealing his fate as a dog chained up for life.

Dog is friendly with other dogs

CDAS is looking for a someone who can foster the dog urgently.

This will buy him some time while they search for a forever home for this pooch.


Apparently he’s friendly, the group said.

A netizen asked whether he’s friendly to other dogs, to which CDAS replied that he has a playmate at the factory.


Just 2 days more

The factory dog has just 2 days before he’ll leave the factory.

If you have it in your heart to take care of this dog, please send a message to CDAS on their Facebook page.

Being chained up in a factory really isn’t a life for anybody, not even a dog.

Hopefully, some kind soul will intervene to give him the life he deserves.

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Featured images adapted from Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook.

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