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Monkey Steals Banana From Changi Village Goreng Pisang Stall While Owner Serves Customers

Monkey Makes Away With Banana From Changi Village Goreng Pisang Stall

On 1 June, one hawker at Changi Village Hawker Centre fell victim to theft.

Surprisingly, the culprit of the theft was not a human, but a monkey.

It had swiped a banana from her stall while she was tending to customers.

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The primate managed its mischief despite bird prevention wire being fitted around the stall.

It allegedly stole another banana from the stall the following day.

Monkey steals banana from Changi Village hawker stall

A TikTok video by a patron at the hawker centre featuring a monkey perched above the goreng pisang stall made rounds last Thursday (1 June).

The monkey stealthily reached out towards a bunch of bananas hanging from the store ceiling.

It then continued its monkey business, pulling the whole bunch of fruit up in its attempt to pluck one off.

Source: @118stormbaytaxi on TikTok

The monkey thief soon deftly removed one banana from the bunch before making itself comfortable on another higher ledge to feast on its loot.

Source: @118stormbaytaxi on TikTok

According to Shin Min Daily News, the staff working at the stall did not manage to catch the culprit in the act as she was busy tending to customers at the time.

She only caught it red-handed later while it was munching on a stolen banana.

Another incident of monkey theft the next day

Shin Min Daily News reported another case of monkey thievery the following day.

This bewildering predicament has left staff rather helpless over what to do as the nimble monkeys found their way around the bird prevention wire.

Source: @118stormbaytaxi on TikTok

The staff has reported the incident to the relevant authorities in hopes that they can resolve the banana theft situation.

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Featured image adapted from VisitSingapore on Facebook and @118stormbaytaxi on TikTok.

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