US Man Eats McDonald’s 3 Times Daily For 100 Days, Claims He Lost 26KG

US Man Consumes McDonald’s Thrice Daily, Claims Diet Improved Blood Work

A man in Nashville in the United States (US) decided to try a highly unconventional and some may say, counter-intuitive, diet by eating three McDonald’s meals daily for 100 days.

By eating just half of whatever he ordered, the man claimed he managed to lose a whopping 26kg in the process.

He also shared that his blood work had improved since following the diet.

However, doctors who spoke to US media urged people to consider eating fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed foods instead.

US man eats McDonald’s meals thrice daily

According to The Guardian, 57-year-old Kevin Maginnis went on a rather unique diet of three McDonald’s meals daily in an attempt to lose some weight.

Source: TikTok

For 100 days in a row, he would eat only half of what he ordered to minimise his calorie intake.

Speaking to local television news station WSMV, Maginnis shared that the smaller portions ensured he would not get “burned out” on his diet

He reportedly ate a mix of Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, french fries, apple fritters, as well as other food items on the menu.

Source: TikTok

Maginnis took to TikTok to document his journey, where he shared he was able to drop from 108kg to 81kg.

Source: NBC Today

In addition, he shared his blood work had improved, with his triglycerides and cholesterol down 205 points and 65 points respectively.


“I was pre-diabetic before, down into healthy ranges now,” he told NBC Today.

Doctors caution against following diet

Maginnis further supplemented the diet by avoiding snacks between meals and only drinking water.

When questioned on how such a diet could be “sustainable”, Maginnis pointed out that he could maintain the weight loss if he continued with eating the smaller meal portions.

Source: TikTok

“Are there better micronutrients or macronutrients for brain health? Absolutely,” he explained. “But when it comes to getting rid of obesity, reduce the size of the meals.”

According to Fox News, Maginnis’ wife has also joined in on the diet halfway through the journey and has lost up to 8kg 65 days in.

Source: TikTok

While Maginnis himself did not plan on giving up the McDonald’s meals anytime soon, he has begun to branch out into other delicacies, such as filet mignon.

Speaking to the news station, doctors have warned that the diet is “not for everyone”.

They have urged the public to instead focus on consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other unprocessed foods.

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