Roystan Tan’s Short Film Perfectly Captures How Singapore Greets Us Every Morning

All we need now is a '36 Ways To Say Good Night', and our lives will be complete.

M’sian Thief Test-Rides Bike, Then Leaves Note Telling Owner Where It Is

The thief just wanted to try riding a big bike.

5 Bridges For Mahathir Because Crooked Bridges Are Too Basic

Because crooked is so 1997.

7 Halloween Costumes For Your Kids To Go Viral Like S-Hook Jie

S-hook mei will be a popular choice this year.

Late Paraglider Ng Kok Choong Is A True Singaporean Hero

Late paraglider was a figure to emulate.

This Cheeky Condensed Milk Can With Lee Kuan Yew On It Gives Us Life

Can Papa Lee nostalgia still give Singaporeans the feels?

LTA Claps Back At IKEA With Funny Graphic About Bus Stop Benches

LTA takes a jab at IKEA's bus stop bench ad by bringing up the quality of their products.

Teacher Turns Fruit Dove’s Death Into Heartfelt Life Lesson For Children

Art is appreciating the little things in life, and in death.

NUSrejects.com Bringing You To NTU Is The Best Prank Of 2018

NUSrejects.com Redirects To NTU Homepage; Vice Versa If the National University of Singapore (NUS) rejects you, where do you go? NUSrejects.com suggests Nanyang Technological University (NTU). And what if NTU rejects you? Well, NTUrejects.com has a suggestion too -- NUS. In recent days, Internet users have discovered that going to NUSrejects.com redirects you to...

This Adorable Bus Wedding At Boon Lay Will Make You Love Your Ride More

Tap your EZ-link card if you approve of this union.



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