Raeesah Khan’s Assistant Tears Up During Hearing, She Wanted To Be Truthful To Her...

She also said that she's afraid of what might happen after.

11-Year-Old Gives Money To Classmate Who Couldn’t Afford Food, Kindness Moves Mother 

He did it for a year without his mother's knowledge.

Man In China Learns Ex-Wife Has End-Stage Kidney Disease, Reinstates Marriage To Care For...

He hopes they will be able to beat this disease together.

Injured Bird Rescued By S’pore Woman, Now Enjoys Evian Water & Bread

The bird was nursed back to health as well.

Ex-Drug Offender Headed For Law School, He Took O & A Levels In Prison

He was in and out of prison since 18 years old.

Taxi Driver Leaves Without Passenger At Robinson Road, Realises A Few Metres Later

He drove off after the passenger loaded bags in.

S’pore Man’s Audi Becomes Expensive Whiteboard After Kids Write ‘I Love Papa’ On It

Now it's just some Audi that he used to know.


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