OWNDAYS offers free upgrade to progressive lenses so your lao hua won’t get the best of you

OWNDAYS offers free upgrade to progressive lenses so your lao hua won't get the best of you

Enjoy free upgrade to OWNDAYS Enhanced Progressive Lenses worth S$100 till 14 April

It’s morning and you’re sitting on your couch enjoying a cup of kopi while catching up on the news or text messages on your phone — only to realise that the words look like blurry smudges.

You’re only able to start reading them again when you hold your phone further from your face.


While that may solve things for now, the truth is it reveals another issue faced by many in their 40s and above: presbyopia, otherwise known as lao hua, which worsens progressively as we age.

Luckily, OWNDAYS is here to save the day.

Over the next two weeks, it is offering a free upgrade to its Enhanced Progressive Lenses (U.P. S$100) for new progressive lens users, giving you the chance to regain your 20/20 vision at a steal.

Read on to get a clearer picture of this deal.

Sharpen your vision with OWNDAYS spectacles

While growing old is a privilege, there are a few things that come with ageing that can be downright uncomfortable.

One physical ailment that can strike is presbyopia, which SingHealth defines as “an age-related condition in which a person is unable to focus on near objects”. This happens when the eye’s natural lens loses its flexibility and elasticity.

Like for those with short-sightedness, spectacles can help lao hua sufferers, too.

Progressive lenses are popular as they offer the convenience of being able to view objects at all distances with a single pair of glasses. And, unlike bifocals, there is no line splitting the focus points.

OWNDAYS is where you can find chic and high-quality spectacles at affordable prices, and it also offers several different types of progressive lenses.

All its progressive lenses are high-index aspheric lenses, scratch-resistant, dust-repellent, anti-reflection, and offer 99% protection against harmful UV rays, so you know you’re getting something durable and high-quality.

The Enhanced Progressive Lenses are the entry-level option within the range.

Priced at an additional S$100, they are available in two types: Progressive, which is for viewing far, intermediate, and near distances; and Computer Progressive, which is only for viewing intermediate and near distances, making it ideal for those who have to spend the day typing away on a laptop.


The Prestige Progressive lenses will set you back a bit more at S$200, but they can cater to individual needs by considering the wearer’s daily main activities.

For even more comfort and a wider intermediate vision zone, upgrade to the Prestige Gold Lenses for S$400 or go all out with the Prestige Platinum Lenses, which are fully customised based on your facial anatomy and cost S$600.

Do note that the Prestige Platinum Lenses are only available at OWNDAYS’ Premium Concept Stores at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Marina Bay Sands.

Score free upgrade to OWNDAYS Enhanced Progressive Lenses

Having lao hua can be tough, but at least you know that help is just a shopping trip and an eye test away.

As mentioned earlier, with progressive lenses, you’ll be able to use a single pair of glasses to view objects at all distances – a convenient way of maintaining your quality of life.


What’s more, from now till 14 April, OWNDAYS is offering an upgrade to its Enhanced Progressive Lenses completely free of charge. These can be fitted to any pair of frames so you can choose whatever design you like in the store.

To qualify for the upgrade, all you have to do is be a new OWNDAYS progressive lens user. In other words, you have never purchased progressive lenses from OWNDAYS before.


This promo is valid at all OWNDAYS outlets except its Premium Concept Stores at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Marina Bay Sands, so make sure you visit the right place.


For more information, visit the official website here. You can also follow OWNDAYS on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Say goodbye to blurry texts

With the correct lenses, you no longer have to squint your eyes while reading your favourite book. You can even see your WhatsApp messages clearly without having to change to the largest text size or holding your phone an arm’s length away.

And when said lenses are in a single, fashionable pair of frames, you can enjoy convenience while feeling confident and stylish at the same time.

After all, you may have lao hua, but that doesn’t mean you have to look lao tu (old-fashioned).

This post was brought to you in collaboration with OWNDAYS.

Featured images by MS News. Photography by Emmanuele Loza.

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