Uncle Makes Word For ‘Prosperity’ While Cleaning Newton MRT, Spreads Positive Energy On CNY Eve

Netizen Praises Uncle Cleaning Floor At Newton MRT For Cheering Her Up

While Chinese New Year (CNY) is meant to be a time for celebration, some people might not be in a festive mood.

A commuter who was feeling out of sorts was cheered up by an uncle cleaning the floor at Newton MRT station when she saw that he had made the word “prosperity” with water.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

She and other netizens praised him for spreading positive energy on CNY.

Mandarin word for ‘prosperity’ scrawled on Newton MRT floor

The heartening sight was shared by a TikTok user in a video on Friday (9 Jan), which is CNY Eve.

The user said she was feeling down when she saw a “cute drawing” on the floor at Newton MRT, recognisable by its distinctive orange panelling.

Someone had scrawled “fu” (福), the Mandarin word for “prosperity”, in water just below the steps.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

Below the word was also the number “0404”.

Uncle cleans stairs diligently at Newton MRT

The video then panned up the stairs to show who was apparently behind the drawing — an uncle who was cleaning the steps.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

To the strains of festive music, the uncle was diligently mopping one stair at a time from left to right.

Seemingly having seen the same cleaner before, the TikTok user said he’s always “happily cleaning the floor”.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

She thanked the uncle for making her day and even suggested that he be given a raise.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

He would write different word each time

Commenting on the video, which has gained almost 4,000 likes and been played more than 57,000 times, another netizen agreed that the uncle deserved a raise.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

Others also recognised the cleaner, with one commenter indicating that they’d seen him before and this wasn’t the first time that he’d used water to write words on the floor. In fact, he would write different words each time.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

As for the number “0404”, some predictably guessed that it was a 4D tip, while others said it stood for “gong xi gong xi“(恭喜恭喜) in dialect.

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

Source: @jyen.joy on TikTok

The uncle’s gesture might be simple, but his cheerful attitude has brightened our CNY indeed.

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Featured image adapted from @jyen.joy on TikTok.

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