Woman Called ‘Heroine’ For Confronting Man Who Left Dog Leashed Outside Jurong Coffeeshop In Hot Sun

'A real heroine': Woman praised for confronting man who left dog leashed outside Jurong coffeeshop in hot sun

Woman Tells Off Dog Owner For Leaving Pet Leashed Outside Coffeeshop In Scorching Weather

A woman in Singapore was recently seen reprimanding a dog owner for leaving his pet leashed outside a coffeeshop in the hot sun.

dog leashed coffee shop

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

After encountering the poor pooch a few steps away from the eatery, she walked to the front of the shop and called out for its owner.

A short while later, the owner emerged and followed the woman to where his dog was before untying the leash from the bollard.

The woman’s actions were documented in a video, earning her praise online.

Woman encounters dog leashed under hot sun outside Jurong West coffeeshop

The incident was captured in a video and shared on the @sgfollowsall.backup Instagram page on Tuesday (6 Feb).

In it, a woman stands outside a coffeeshop while asking someone if they know who the dog belongs to.

Upon receiving no answer, she raises her voice and asks: “Whose dog is this?”

dog leashed coffee shop

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

The person filming then pans the camera to a dog tied to a bollard by its leash outside the coffeeshop.

Based on a sign on the building, the incident took place at Block 546 Jurong West Street 42.

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

At that moment, a man in a cap comes out and the woman leads him to the canine’s location.

dog leashed coffee shop

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

She then tells him that he cannot do such a thing while pointing up to the sun and saying that it’s hot.

At the end of the video, the woman apologises to the owner for calling him out and praises the dog for being a “good boy”.

Speaking to MS News, the woman, who wanted to be known as Ms Julie, said that it was her husband who noticed the leashed pooch when they were on their way out to run some errands.

However, they decided to give the owner the benefit of the doubt and thought that he might just be quickly packing his lunch before going back for his dog.

An hour passed, and they realised that the owner was sitting down and leisurely enjoying his meal.

Owner just ‘nodded and said sorry’

That’s when Ms Julie decided to take action, with her husband filming the whole thing.

According to Ms Julie, the owner simply “nodded and said sorry” while coming out of the coffeeshop after she called out for him.

He also didn’t “retaliate” when she told him off about leashing his dog outside in the hot sun as he knew it was wrong.

After untying his dog, the man then took it into the coffeeshop with him.

Additionally, Ms Julie clarified that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was not involved despite her remarks in the video.

SPCA also confirmed to MS News that nobody called them about the incident.

Viewers praise woman for taking action to save leashed dog

Ms Julie’s actions earned her praise from plenty of viewers, who lauded her for taking initiative.

A couple of commenters told her “Well done” for helping the “abandoned” dog.

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

Another called her a “real heroine” and thanked her for her kindness.

They also implied that the owner lacked common sense.

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

On that note, the owner received heavy criticism from viewers, one of whom said he was selfish for letting his dog burn under the hot sun.

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

Conversely, one viewer felt that the owner had no choice but to chain his dog outside the coffeeshop due to rules barring pets from entering.

They also reminded others that many eateries in Singapore do not allow owners to bring their dogs in with them.

Source: @sgfollowsall.backup on Instagram

Well, perhaps the owner could have gone to a pet-friendly establishment or taken his dog home before going out to eat.

In any case, it’s a good thing the doggo had such a kind stranger like Ms Julie looking out for it.

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