Chinatown Eatery’s Dim Sum Wear Mask Too, Confirm Safe To Dabao

Chinatown Dim Sum Place Serves Cute Baos Wearing Mask

Nowadays, masks are the in-thing. They are a necessity when we’re out of the house, as this ensures minimal risk of infecting others with your germs.

It looks like a dim sum place in Chinatown – Yum Cha – is taking this rule seriously. They’re making sure their baos are wearing masks too.

Introducing Yum Cha’s very own Kiasi Bao, which literally means “buns afraid of death”.


Perhaps that explains why they’re wearing masks.

Chinatown dim sum place serves buns wearing mask

According to Yum Cha on Instagram, these baos are diet-friendly because they’re made of plant-based fibre that’s easily digestible.

They assure that you won’t have to worry about getting fat from their baos.

The masked facade of these baos is definitely amusing, as seen from a photo shared by Redditor u/Sidewalk_Sapien on Saturday (5 Sep).


The post is captioned as, “Even dim sum have to be cautious before eaten.”

Redditors evidently found these baos just as lovable, as the post has over 2,000 upvotes and garnered multiple awards like:

  • Wholesome Award
  • Bless Up Award
  • Faith in Humanity Restored Award
  • Wearing is Caring Award

Help migrant workers with these baos

Besides savouring these adorable buns, you’ll also be giving indirectly towards a greater cause.

Yum Cha revealed that their September exclusive Kiasi Bao is part of their fundraising efforts with welfare organisation Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC).


The coalition is said to provide essential items to migrant workers living in dormitories across Singapore.

All proceeds from Kiasi Bao will be donated to CMSC to help boost their efforts.

For further information, you can check out their Ray of Hope campaign here.

$2.50 per bao

The Kiasi Bao costs $2.50 each. If you’re going with your dim sum kakis, there’s more for everyone to enjoy as the price is relatively affordable.

After all, you’ll be contributing to a benevolent mission. What you’re getting in return is a happy tummy, and buns that’ll add a perk to your Instagram feed.

Featured image adapted from Reddit and Facebook.

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