4 New Covid-19 Clusters On 27 Jul Include Mandai Dormitory Comprising 9 Cases

Mandai Dormitory With 9 Linked Covid-19 Cases Among 4 New Clusters

Though the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s reports haven’t been specifically mentioning dormitory cases lately, several have emerged. They apparently fall under the ‘locally transmitted cases’ category now, though the graph in the update shows the distinctions.

Dormitory cases shown in purple

In its evening update on Tuesday (27 Jul), MOH reported 4 new clusters, including 1 linked to the Westlite Juniper Dormitory in Mandai.


This is reportedly the first active dormitory cluster in Singapore since 24 Jun.

New clusters on 27 Jul include 1 linked to Mandai dormitory

Of the 136 local Covid-19 cases on Tuesday (27 Jul), 8 were from workers’ dormitories.

Coincidentally, 8 new cases were found with links to the new Westlite Juniper Dormitory cluster.


Whether the 8 dormitory cases refer to the above 8 in the Westlite Juniper cluster is unclear.

New cluster linked to Punggol Primary School

In addition to the dormitory, MOH reported 3 other new clusters on the same day, including 1 linked to a cleaner at Punggol Primary School.


The school cluster currently has 4 cases, 3 of which were reported on Tuesday (27 Jul).

The remaining 2 clusters are linked to individual cases, with little information available about them.

Both clusters have 3 infections each, the minimum number denoting an infection cluster.

Singapore currently has 39 active clusters, the highest number over the past month.


Jurong Fishery Port cluster grows to 902 cases

Other clusters of interest continue to report new cases.

Jurong Fishery Port, which is our largest active cluster, now has 902 cases after 36 new infections surfaced.


However, this is a significant improvement from the situation over previous days which saw over 60-80 new cases daily.

The KTV and Samy’s Curry Restaurant clusters saw more modest growth, with 2 and 6 new cases respectively.

Hope dormitory infections won’t spread

As worrying as it may be to know that we’ve been reporting new dormitory cases, the general rise in numbers lately perhaps makes this development unsurprising.

Nevertheless, we have confidence that the authorities will be able to curtail the spread.

We hope vaccination rates among these workers are sufficiently high, protecting them from serious illnesses.

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