Kind Lady Quietly Hands Out $50 Notes To Migrant Workers In Admiralty

Kind Lady In Admiralty Gives Migrant Workers $50 Each

Migrant workers are often lauded as the backbone of Singapore’s economy.

Seeing them toil in the sun for long hours every day, some Singaporeans have found different ways to show their appreciation towards them.

On Tuesday (27 Jul), the Singapore Incidents Facebook group shared a video of a lady handing out $50 notes to some migrant workers in Admiralty.

She earned praise from many netizens who thanked her for her kind gesture.

Kind lady hands out a $50 note to every migrant worker

In the 30-second video shared on Tuesday (27 Jul), the lady could be seen carrying multiple bags and holding a white envelope with $50 notes in it.


She approached the workers sitting along the road at 10 Admiralty Road East.

The lady then proceeded to hand out the $50 notes to each of them.


Receiving the money, many of the workers seemed shocked by the lady’s generosity.

The lady was later seen crossing the road towards where more migrant workers were sitting.


She then continued to hand out $50 notes to each of them as well.

Netizens applaud lady’s generosity

The video has since garnered more than 800 shares.

Watching the video, many netizens sang the praises of the lady’s generous act.


Some also acknowledged that the lady did not film herself doing the good deed, proving that her intention was pure.


This netizen expressed his respect for her actions.


He went on to say that during these trying times, we truly need more of such kind gestures.

Lady’s willingness to give is praiseworthy

Although we are unsure of the lady’s reasons for handing the money to migrant workers, her willingness to give is praiseworthy and heartwarming.

Watching the awestruck expressions on the migrant workers’ faces, her gesture of kindness had certainly made their day.

Not all of us can freely hand out money as the lady did, but hopefully, her actions will inspire more to be kind and give to those in need selflessly.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Incidents on Facebook

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