Hougang Community Cat’s Makeshift Bed Disappears, Town Council Suspected To Have Removed It

Community Cat’s Makeshift Bed No Longer At Usual Spot, Animal Lovers Pity Feline

Imagine coming home one day to find your bed gone. That’s what supposedly happened to a community cat in Hougang.

A TikTok video posted on Thursday (2 Feb) gathered attention as it showed a community cat seemingly having had its bed removed.


our neighbourhood cat just lost its home 😭 #tiktoksg #fyp #cat #stray #hdb

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While the OP didn’t mention what happened to the bed, people in the comments assumed that the Town Council was responsible for the removal.

Community cat’s makeshift bed disappears from usual spot

The video initially shows the community cat resting on a metal bench.

Source: @raysonallen on TikTok

While it does not seem too uncomfortable, the next clip is a vast difference from the first. Likely an old photo, the snipper is of the same cat sleeping soundly on a pile of blankets and a pillow.

Source: @raysonallen on TikTok

The feline was so comfortable that it was sleeping belly-up.

For those familiar with cats, this position is believed to be an indication that the cat feels safe.

Town Council notice from 2022 warns about removal of bed

Prior to recording the cat, the first few seconds of the video capture a notice put up by Aljunied Hougang Town Council (AHTC).

Source: @raysonallen on TikTok

Dated 6 Jan 2022, the notice urged for “the removal of items at void deck”.

It included a photo of the cat’s makeshift bed and stated that the owner of the items had seven days to remove them.

From the video, it’s unclear when the cat’s bed was removed or who did it.

However, users in the comments were quick to pin the blame on the Town Council.

TikTok users rally behind the community cat

Evidently upset by the turn of events, some users proclaimed that the cat’s bed does not cause any serious issues in the neighbourhood.

Source: TikTok

Others urged the Town Council to focus their efforts on more pressing matters than this.

Source: TikTok

Some tried to understand the Town Council’s possible perspective, suggesting that they may have had to take action due to residents’ complaints.

Source: TikTok

This user also suggested setting up a second bed in a more discreet area.

However, another user shared their experience that relocating the bed might not work.

Source: TikTok

At the time the video was posted, the cat seemed to have yet to get a new bed.

MS News has reached out to AHTC for comments. We’ll update the article if they get back.

Cat can no longer sleep on soft surfaces but is still healthy

In Singapore, community cats are well-loved and some neighbourhoods even have designated cat feeders.

However, the reality is that not all people like animals.

What we can work towards is the health and safety of our community cats.

For this feline in Hougang, it looks perfectly content and most importantly, healthy.

Hopefully, it can still find a cosy and safe space to sleep in this rainy weather.

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Featured image adapted from @raysonallen on TikTok.

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