Crane Appears & Bows At Man’s Funeral In China, As If To Pay Its Respects

Crane Seen Bowing Head In Respect At Funeral Of Man In China

Losing a loved one is a harrowing affair, and all we can hope is that our dearly departed will find peace in the afterlife.

It’s important for the living to find peace too, and one family in China mourning the death of their 87-year-old patriarch likely did so after witnessing this comforting sight at his funeral.

During the service, a crane suddenly showed up and began bowing its head in front of the altar, as if to pay its respects to the deceased.

Crane flew into family’s home for the funeral

According to China Press, the unusual sight happened at an 87-year-old man’s funeral in Panjin, Liaoning province, on 15 Apr.

While mourners were taking a moment to remember the family patriarch, a red-crowned crane flew in. A video shows the bird striding into the funeral hall, clearly unfazed by the crowd.

According to the late man’s son-in-law, the crane suddenly flew into the premises from outside. Since no one chased it away, it boldly walked into the house by itself.

While people were bowing to the deceased, the crane went over and seemingly mimicked the gesture.

The son-in-law then claimed that it allegedly squawked back in response when a relative called out to the crane.

Deceased’s family provided food for crane

Delighted by the special visit, the late man’s family decided to give their new feathered friend a proper welcome.

Family members prepared corn and vegetables for the crane and even went to a nearby supermarket to get fresh fish for it.

The offerings must have pleased the crane. It reportedly stayed at the house the entire afternoon and only flew away at 4pm.

Netizens split between awe & suspicion

When the footage went viral, some netizens believed it showed a manifestation of the Chinese myth where cranes are believed to carry souls into heaven.

Others, however, were convinced that the funeral planners had trained the crane to obey orders and provided this ‘service’ for S$642 (3,000 yuan).

However, the family of the deceased claims that they never invited the crane and that its appearance was completely unplanned.

The possibility of someone training the bird to offer services is also unlikely.

A Panjin City Forestry and Wetland Conservation Authority representative told Chinese media that the red-crowned crane is a first-class protected animal in China. Hence, it is not permitted to use them as part of one’s business operations.

A reassuring sign for the family

When we lose someone we love, a single sign of hope that everything will be all right can make a world of difference. That is likely what the crane meant to the family.

In addition, animals are just as capable of complex emotions as we are, and despite the ‘language’ barriers, they find their own unique ways of expressing themselves.

MS News offers our deepest condolences to the late man’s family, and we wish them strength during this difficult time.

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Featured image adapted from cpmarketinfo on YouTube

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