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Cyclist Killed In Accident At Eunos, Lorry Driver Arrested For Reckless Driving

64-Year-Old Cyclist Passes Away In Accident Along Jalan Eunos

Sadly, there seems to be quite a few fatal accidents in the news lately.

While these should serve as reminders to be careful on the road, some drivers still appear to be operating their vehicles without the necessary vigilance.

On 16 Apr, yet another deadly collision took place in Singapore, claiming the life of a 64-year-old cyclist.

The lorry driver who hit him has been arrested on charges of reckless driving causing death. Investigations are still ongoing.

Cyclist was on zebra crossing when accident happened

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the cyclist, a 64-year-old man, was riding across a zebra crossing when he collided with a lorry.

Photos on Facebook show a lifeless figure lying on the road not far from a zebra crossing as paramedics perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him.

Source: Facebook

In response to enquiries from MS News, SCDF said on 16 Apr at about 5pm, they responded to a road traffic accident along Jalan Eunos, at the slip road towards the PIE. They conveyed one person to Changi General Hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately, the cyclist succumbed to his injuries and passed away in the hospital, police told Lianhe Zaobao.

The lorry driver, a 27-year-old man, was arrested on charges of reckless driving causing death. Investigations are still ongoing.

Netizens urge others not to blame victim

The incident incited a heated debate among netizens.

Some put the fault on the cyclist, saying that he should have dismounted and checked his surroundings properly before crossing the road.

Source: Facebook

Others called cyclists “entitled” and irresponsible, a sentiment likely gained from numerous stories about cyclists’ alleged antics.

Source: Facebook

However, some urged these critics not to be so cruel and to stop blaming the victim.

Source: Facebook

They added that the public should be more sensitive and put themselves in the shoes of the cyclist’s family members.

Source: Facebook

An earlier statement by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) notes that while cyclists are not required to dismount at zebra crossings, they should slow down and look out for oncoming traffic before making their way across.

LTA explained that making it mandatory for cyclists to dismount at zebra crossings “could introduce additional risks”, especially for those with pillion riders or heavy loads.

Our condolences to the cyclist’s family

No matter whose fault it was, the fact remains that a family out there lost a loved one.

May this incident serve as an important reminder for road users to be more alert, whether they are on two wheels, four wheels, or on foot.

MS News sends our condolences to the family of the cyclist. We also hope that the lorry driver will be brought to justice and learn from his mistake.

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Featured image adapted from Traffics accident.SG on Facebook.

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