S’pore Cyclists Limited To 5 Pax Per Group From 2022, Fines Doubled For Offenders

MOT Accepts Panels Recommendations For Cyclists To Keep To 5 Pax When Riding In A Single File

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) set up an advisory panel to review the existing rules governing road cyclists.

On Wednesday (20 Oct), MOT announced that they’ve accepted all the panel’s suggestions, including keeping single-file cycling on roads to groups not exceeding 5. The rules will come into effect from 1 Jan 2022.

Errant cyclists caught flouting traffic rules will also face a stiffer punishment of $150 instead of $75.

Up to 5 cyclists riding in a single file from 1 Jan 2022

In a press release on Wednesday (20 Oct), MOT said that they’ve accepted all the panel’s suggestions submitted on 1 Oct.

From 2022, riders must keep to groups of not more than 5 cyclists when cycling in a single file on roads, which is about the length of a bus.

Riders who are cycling abreast can continue doing so but must keep to 5 cyclists per file.

Other existing guidelines will remain in place. For instance, cyclists can only ride in a single file on single-lane roads or along bus lanes during their operational hours.

On roads with 2 or more lanes, cyclists are recommended to ride 2 abreast to increase visibility and for their safety.

Cycling groups should keep 30 metres apart

The panel also recommended other guidelines, including advising cycling groups to keep a distance of about 30 metres apart.


Motorists should also keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres when passing cyclists on the road.

Though cyclists and motorists are not required to comply with these recommendations at all times, the panel felt they would enhance road safety if adhered to.

Other recommendations include:

  • Not introducing cyclist license or requiring bike registration
  • Encouraging cyclists to purchase 3rd-party liability insurance

More information regarding the panel’s recommendations can be found here.

Fined doubled to $150 for cyclists who breach traffic rules

Cyclists caught breaching any of the following 7 traffic rules will also face a $150 fine from 1 Jan 2022 instead of $75 currently.

These offences include:

  • Not complying with traffic sign
  • Riding abreast on single-lane roads/ along bus lanes during operational hours
  • Not riding as far-left on the edge of the road as possible
  • Not riding in an orderly manner
  • Riding against traffic flow
  • Riding on expressways and tunnels
  • Riding more than 5 in single file/ 10 cyclists when riding 2 abreast

For more serious offences, cyclists might be charged in court and face a fine of up to $1,000, a jail term of up to 3 months, or both.

Hope cyclists will familiarise themselves with the new rules

As cycling gains popularity during the pandemic, certain rules have to be amended for the safety of all road users.

Though it will be another 2 months before the recommendations take effect, we hope cyclists will familiarise themselves with the new rules so they do not get into unnecessary trouble.

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