DBS Will Stop Giving Out Physical Tokens, Online Banking Access To Go Fully Digital From 1 Apr

DBS To Stop Issuing Physical Tokens On 1 Feb

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing was a thing, Singapore banks were trending towards the digitalisation of their services.

An example is DBS Bank‘s rolling out of e-ang paos in Jan 2019.


This came in handy when the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) urged Singaporeans to do e-gifting this Chinese New Year, to reduce queues for new bank notes.

In keeping with this trend, DBS is now totally doing away with physical tokens for online banking, and will stop issuing them on 1 Feb.

Subsequently, from 1 Apr, customers won’t be able to use them to access any banking services, and only a digital token must be used.

90% of all logins use DBS mobile app

In a media statement sent to MS News on Wednesday (20 Jan), DBS said that about 90% of all logins to its services use the DBS digibank mobile app.

Through the app, customers can log in to access DBS’ services securely via biometric and passcode authentication.

As the digital token is already embedded in the app, those who use the app won’t need to use the physical token.


More than 80% of DBS’ active digibank users also use the mobile app, the bank said.

DBS has been replacing physical for digital since 2017

Thus, since early 2017, DBS has been progressively replacing the physical tokens for its online and mobile services with digital ones.


Mr Jeremy Soo, DBS Head of Consumer Banking (Singapore) said that customers’ transition to digital tokens has been “a great success” over the last 3 years, adding,

Feedback has been positive, and customers appreciate the added convenience of the digital tokens.

Given this success, it’s not surprising then that the bank has moved to discontinue the issuance of physical tokens from 1 Feb.

Physical tokens won’t work from 1 Apr

Customers who haven’t yet made the transition should set up and get used to them from now till 1 Apr.

That’s because from that date, physical tokens won’t be able to be used any more – only the digital token.


Mr Soo said that as more customers are using mobile banking, the bank wants to make sure they can access services seamlessly and fuss-free.

But of course, there shouldn’t be any security compromises either.

Advantages of the digital token

Mr Soo also listed out a few advantages of using the digital token:

  1. Customers don’t have the hassle of carrying around a token.
  2. Customers don’t have to worry about misplacing their token and being unable to access online services.

In an update on DBS’ website, they also named other benefits:

  1. Digibank online, eCommerce, and D2Pay transactions can be verfied with 1 tap.
  2. The digital token is data encrypted, and can only be enabled on the user’s phone.
  3. One-Time Passwords (OTPs) can be received even when you can’t get a network connection.

Check out what DBS says about the digital token in their video here:

Set-up guides are available

Some customers, especially the older ones, may need assistance with the transition.

Thus, they can head to the DBS website at for guides on how to set up a digital token.

If they prefer face-to-face service, they can also visit a DBS/POSB branch to get help from digital ambassadors and staff.

A move that’s a long time coming

In general, Singapore’s trying to become a “smarter” society that takes advantage of digital solutions as far as possible.

Thus, DBS’ move to do away with the physical token is a long time coming.

While some customers may have to get used to the change initially, the ease of the transition should help them get up to speed fast.

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