Deliveryman Allegedly Damages Corridor Plants, Lady Wishes He’d Apologise Instead Of Walking Away

Deliveryman Allegedly Damages Corridor Plants And Pretended Nothing Happened

UPDATE (30 Jul): A J&T Express spokesperson said they’re currently in touch with the customer. Upon investigation, they said the damage was not caused by one of their drivers.

Throughout the pandemic, most of us would have bought items online and have them delivered to our homes.

S’pore Resident Struggles To Open Gate After Deliveryman Stacks Boxes Outside

While this is no doubt convenient, it could also lead to some forms of inconvenience, as you’re about to see.

On Tuesday (27 Jul), a netizen took to Facebook to post about her negative experience with a J&T Express deliveryman. According to the post, the lady’s plants were allegedly kicked by the deliveryman who came to dispatch a package.


The lady was rather adamant that the deliveryman was the one responsible for the toppled plants, and shared her reasons for believing so.

Plants left outside corridor to sun

In her post on Tuesday (27 Jul), the lady named Ms Yeo shared that she had placed her plants along the corridor for less than 30 minutes before the incident occurred.

There was also a box of snails in an uncovered container near the plants. Hence, she would check on them every 5-10 minutes to make sure they do not run away.

However, after the package was delivered to her, Ms Yeo realised that her plants had toppled over.

Suspects that deliveryman had kicked her plants

Ms Yeo suspected that the damages were caused by the deliveryman as the plants seemed to be kicked from the direction he came from.


Additionally, she claimed no one had walked past the corridor apart from the deliveryman.

Number for J&T Express apparently uncontactable

Unhappy with the incident, Ms Yeo tried reaching out to J&T Express, only to find that the number given by Shopee, the site she ordered from, was uncontactable.

The lady shared that the deliveryman should’ve come clean and apologise for the damaged plants. Instead, he allegedly pretended that nothing happened.


As she had spent a lot of time caring for the plants, which her children had picked for her, Ms Yeo was especially upset with the damages.

MS News has reached out to Shopee and J&T Express for a statement regarding this matter and will update this article accordingly when they get back.

Hope matter will be settled amicably

It’s only understandable for Ms Yeo to feel upset with the damaged plants. After all, she had put in time and effort to nurture them.

At the same time, it’s also possible that the deliveryman did not realise he had kicked the plants in his haste.

Nonetheless, we hope the issue will be resolved amicably between all parties.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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