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Customer pays S$25 for bean sprouts at Tiong Bahru eatery, stall claims price was for 2 servings

Diner claims Tiong Bahru eatery charged her S$25 for 1 dish of bean sprouts

On Tuesday (16 April), a woman claimed that Ah Chiang’s Porridge, an eatery at Tiong Bahru, charged her S$25 for a single dish of bean sprouts.

Source: Facebook

In response, the eatery released a statement asserting that the payment was for two plates of the dish instead of one.

However, the woman later similarly responded to the statement, alleging that this was an inaccurate representation of the incident.

Diner says Tiong Bahru eatery charged her S$25 for bean sprouts

In the Facebook post, the customer shared that it would be her “first and likely last” visit to the eatery.

“I believe their S$25 bean sprouts are grown in soil as precious as gold,” she wrote in the post on 16 April.

A photo of the receipt shows that she had been charged S$25 for one large plate of salted fish bean sprouts, on top of other dishes such as century egg porridge (S$4.50) and salmon yusheng (S$11).

As a result, the meal amounted to S$46.50.

Source: Facebook

The post has since gained attention on Facebook, with over 100 comments from users. One netizen asked if the eatery had listed the price of the dish on its menu.

Source: Facebook

The woman then replied to the comment, saying that she could not recall seeing its price as she wouldn’t have ordered the dish if she had done so.

Eatery claims the price was for 2 dishes

Ah Chiang’s Porridge has since responded to the post on Wednesday (17 April), clarifying the matter.


Source: Facebook

The eatery stated that the woman’s receipt suggested the eatery charged her S$25 for a single dish of bean sprouts.

“After our investigation, we found out she was actually served 2 similar plate [sic] of bean sprouts so that her group of diners (8 pax) could share easily,” the eatery said.

“Our staff had explained to her regarding the split and she had accepted it on the spot. Thus we are disappointed with her inaccurate suggestion.”

In a separate post responding to the eatery’s allegations, the woman noted that her table had initially been served one plate of bean sprouts.

After receiving the dish, she asked the waiter if it cost S$25, which was the price for a large portion.

The waiter then confirmed that it cost S$25.

Eatery served second plate of bean sprouts after confrontation, says customer

The woman noted that this surprised her friends, as they felt the portion was insufficient.

“The shock among our group was palpable at the meagre serving size,” the woman said. “One of my friends even contemplated returning the dish and requesting a refund.”

She then claimed that staff provided a second plate of bean sprouts when confronted. They did so “begrudgingly”, which the diners accepted.

“We felt immediately deceived but opted against causing a scene,” the woman pointed out.

“If this is the standard practice of your establishment, I am left with no choice but to express my disappointment. Such actions are undoubtedly unethical.”

MS News has reached out to the eatery for more information on the matter.

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