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86-year-old man in China marries long-lost uni sweetheart after reuniting decades later

Hunnan man marries long-lost uni sweetheart after decades apart

An 86-year-old man, Zhou Guilin, finally married his long-lost university sweetheart and first love on 16 April.

According to a report by ETToday, the couple met when they were students at Peking University, but split due to various circumstances. Now decades later, a chance meeting has the couple feeling like they’re in their 20s again.

A university romance admired by all

Source: ETToday

When Zhou Guilin studied law at Peking University in his youth, he fell in love with Yang Xiugui (names transliterated from Mandarin). According to friends who knew them, they were a popular “class couple” who were admired for their talent as well as their love for one another.

Due to some circumstances, however, they eventually split up.

According to Sohu, Mr Zhou went on to start a middle school. He served as its first principal and was deemed a respected educator in the industry.

Reunited after decades apart reveals they were still young at heart

Source: ETToday

After a long career and around six decades later, a chance meeting between the two saw their love bloom once more. Relatives and friends describe the couple as being lively and full of joy, as if they were back to their school days again.

Their marriage was a simple affair, with only three banquet tables and live music. However, those in attendance were moved by the touching scene.

A couplet at the wedding wistfully describes their painful separation and eventual poignant reunion:


According to, the bride was so happy, she even got up to dance, while her husband looked on with pride.

A friend, known only as Mr Chen, said it’s fortunate and heartwarming to see that the couple remained in love despite their time apart.


It’s unclear if the pair had been married before to other people.

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Featured image adapted from ETToday.

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