Pizza Hut India Has Dumpling-Stuffed Crust So Picky Eaters Will Eat Their Slices Whole

Pizza Hut India Has Dumpling-Stuffed Crust With Spicy Sichuan Sauce & Cheese

The never-ending pizza crust debate may finally reach its conclusion thanks to this uncanny combination of pizza and dumplings from India.

Pizza Hut India recently launched the Momo Mia! pizza which comes with a dumpling-stuffed crust. Even better, the pizza is topped with Sichuan sauce and gooey cheese.


With this innovation, it seems picky eaters will finally be convinced to eat the whole pizza.

Dumpling-stuffed crust with spicy sauce

Pizza Hut India’s latest food fusion merges dumplings or street-style momos in the pizza crust. The result is a gooey melt-in-your-mouth concoction that looks and tastes amazing.


Just to be clear, momos are a type of steamed dumpling which are filled with either meat or veggies. As such, the menu has two options: vegetarian or chicken pizza.


The vegetarian option is a pan pizza with toppings like sweet corn, onion, and capsicum. In the dumpling, you’ll find delectable mixed vegetables and paneer momos.


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Meat lovers can choose the succulent chicken-stuffed momos in the pan crust topped with onion, capsicum, and Sichuan chicken meatball toppings.


Though the small pan pizza has 4 slices, the larger version has 6 slices and momos that are ideal for sharing among friends and fam.


Exclusive to Pizza Hut India for now

The Momo Mia pizza is available in Pizza Hut India from S$4.84 (Rs. 269).


At the moment, these are only available in India. But we’re hoping this unique food fusion will arrive at our shores soon.

Hoping to taste dumpling-stuffed crust

The dumpling-stuffed crust may finally get most of us to eat the crust.

Although it isn’t in Singapore yet, we’re hoping local bakers will create a local version. That way, we can taste this unusual fusion and give our own verdict.

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