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3 Elderly Men Have An Ice Cream Date In Indonesia, Wholesome Lepak Session Melts Hearts

TikTok Video Of 3 Elderly Men Chilling Together In Ice Cream Parlour In Indonesia Goes Viral

Most of the time, we might think of ice cream as something that’s more popular among younger folks. However, there is definitely no age limit when it comes to enjoying the frozen treat.

Recently, a TikToker posted a video of three elderly men hanging out at a cafe in Indonesia. But instead of sipping on kopi or beer like seniors usually do, they were enjoying ice cream together.

The wholesome scene went viral, and other users have dubbed it “grandpa’s day out”.

Clip of elderly men enjoying ice cream together in Indonesia melts netizens’ hearts

A couple of days ago, TikTok user @skzhhjgf shared a video taken in an undisclosed ice cream parlour. Judging from the language on the posters in the background, it’s believed that this took place in Indonesia.

The clip starts with an elderly uncle walking up to the counter and confidently tapping on a picture of a chocolate smoothie, indicating that he wants it.

Source: @skzhhjgf on TikTok

As it turns out, he’s not alone.

The scene switches to him sitting at a table with two other men who look to be around the same age.

Source: @skzhhjgf on TikTok

They’re seen happily digging into their ice creams while chatting at the same time.

TikTokers gush over wholesome sight

The simple yet wholesome video has since gone viral, racking up over 1.5 million views and over 310,000 ‘likes’ at the time of writing.


One commenter called it “grandpa’s day out” as others chimed in agreement.

Source: @skzhhjgf on TikTok

Another remarked that the three elderly men’s “friendship is sweeter than the ice cream”.

Source: @skzhhjgf on TikTok

This user can’t get over how “cute” the first grandpa was when he pointed at the item he wanted.

Source: @skzhhjgf on TikTok

According to this netizen, the uncles must have worked very hard when they were younger because it’s clear that they are enjoying their golden years to the fullest.

Source: @skzhhjgf on TikTok

Many others also gushed about how full their hearts were after watching the video.

Ice cream-enjoying grandpas are friendship goals

This sweet and wholesome lepak session sure makes us hope that we can still enjoy such lovely friendships when we’re older.

In a world that’s seemingly full of bad news and tragedies, it’s encouraging to know that there are still little moments like this that can touch people’s hearts.

Now, we wonder if the grandpas would be willing to dance to Shake ‘N Dip at McDonald’s for a free cone.

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Featured image adapted from @skzhhjgf on TikTok.

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