Fiery Sunset Fills S’pore Skies On 19 Oct, Almost Feels Like Warm Weather Is Worth It

Fiery Sunset Splashes Singapore Skies With Brilliant Orange Red On 19 Oct

With warmer weather to be expected for the rest of Oct, Singaporeans may want to stay indoors or put on sunscreen to protect against harsh UV rays.

Towards the evening, however, don’t avoid the sun completely as a fiery sunset may appear once in a while.

Stunning sunset at Bedok Reservoir

Singaporeans around the island managed to whip out their smartphones to capture one of these stunning displays, which occurred yesterday (19 oct) evening.

Fiery sunset seen at Bedok Reservoir

One can almost hear Singaporeans heaving a collective sigh of despair when receiving news that grey skies and air-con temperatures will be giving way to balmy weather.

On the flip side, this means that there’s a chance of brilliant sunsets and yesterday’s one was particularly stunning. After all, not all sunsets are created equal.

One Facebook user was at Bedok Reservoir as it got a little cooler.


We cannot argue that being outside when the sun sets allows you front row seats to nature’s free light show. The sunset was reflected off the water, doubling its beauty.

Another netizen managed to capture the stunning display from her home.


One more cloud spotter snapped a stunning palette of yellow, orange and blue in one picture.


Heavy vehicles against stunning sunset in Jurong

All the way in Jurong, a worker at a crane hire company seemed to have spotted the beautiful sunset as well.

He took a low-angled shot of heavy vehicles juxtaposed with the sun taking a dip below the horizon as the backdrop.



Watching the sky explode into shades of orange and yellow is almost sure to put a smile on one’s face after even the worst of work days.

Warmer weather with a chance of fiery sunsets ahead

A glorious sunset may be the remedy we need to chase away the Monday blues.

Warmer weather may be on the horizon for Singapore. However, don’t sweat over it because this means that there are more chances for you to take pictures of unique sunsets.

We may not be getting aircon weather for the rest of this month but we’ll gladly accept this silver lining.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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