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Gardens By The Bay Has 50% Off Tickets For Main Attractions Till 22 Mar, Just In Time For School Holidays

Gardens By The Bay Conservatory Tickets 50% Off From 6-22 Mar

With Covid-19 hitting the retail sector hard, stores and establishments have been putting out countless offers to draw more customers.

Following Jewel Changi Airport’s discounts for their attractions, another of Singapore’s hallmark attractions is now offering a 50% discount on tickets to their main attractions.

From 6-22 Mar, Gardens By The Bay has 50% off tickets to their conservatories, Supertree and Attraction Bundle.

Judging based on the beautiful pictures people take there, we think it’s worth paying a visit.


Read on for more details.

Gardens By The Bay promotion falls during March Holidays

Starting today (6 Mar), Singapore residents will be able to enjoy this attractive discount.

According to Gardens By The Bay, the following tickets will be 50% off:

  • 1 conservatory
  • 2 conservatories
  • Floral Fantasy
  • Supertree Observatory
  • Attraction Bundle.

Now that lots of places have fewer patrons, it’ll be easy to get a clean, Instagram-worthy shot with the super chio background.

Just take a look at these aesthetic shots of their conservatories.

Gardens By The Bay Cloud Dome Conservatory

Here’s their Flower Dome Conservatory.


Not to mention their Supertrees.


Sakura blossoms available in the Flower Dome

If you’re bummed about a cancelled trip to Japan because of Covid-19, here’s your chance to see some sakura in real life without risking your life.

Gardens By The Bay has some in their Flower Dome right now.

Check out the delicate pink blossoms below.


They have other Japanese-themed displays as well, like straw huts, stone pagodas, and arches.


The cherry blossoms don’t seem like they’re in full force yet, but they should be in a few days’ time.


If you can’t go to Japan, this is probably your best option.


Visit both conservatories & Floral Fantasy with Attraction Bundle

If you can’t make up your mind on which conservatory to visit, why not visit both of them?

Gardens By The Bay’s Attraction Bundle offers you access to both conservatories, as well as the Floral Fantasy attraction.

Here’s a peek of Floral Fantasy.


At 50% off, the Attraction Bundle is definitely worth the splurge.

With the March Holidays coming up from 14-22 Mar, it’s the perfect time to pay Gardens By The Bay a visit, too.

Whether it’s with your significant other, friends, or family, Gardens By The Bay is the perfect place to escape Singapore’s busy city life while enjoying the comfort of air conditioning.

Click here for more details on this promotion, and take lots of pictures if you decide to visit.

Featured image adapted from Unsplash and Unsplash.

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