Genting Gambler Reportedly Takes Home S$1.6M After Winning 27 Consecutive Rounds Of Baccarat

Genting Gambler Wins 27 Consecutive Rounds Of Baccarat

Many of us must’ve tested our luck during Chinese New Year by playing ban luck and baccarat. As exhilarating as these gambling games are, we all know how difficult it is to win one round.

However, a lucky gambler who visited the casino at Genting Highlands, Malaysia, somehow managed to win 27 consecutive rounds of baccarat.

Source: Facebook

The punter reportedly took home about S$1.58 million as a result of the amazing streak.

Genting baccarat punter wins mountains of RM10,000 chips

On Tuesday (19 Apr), Facebook page 波王Paul-238 shared pictures of red chips neatly stacked on what appears to be the red felt of a casino table.

Each chip was apparently worth ~S$3,177 (RM10,000) and was reportedly the largest chip denomination in the VIP room.

According to Malaysian news site The Rakyat Post, the chips on the table amounted to roughly ~S$2.22 million (RM7 million), meaning the punter likely started with about S$635K (RM2 million) in capital.

Another picture shared on the Facebook page showed that the punter was at table ‘MBV02’. It had a minimum and maximum buy-in of S$319 (RM1,000) and S$95.6K (RM300,000), respectively.

Source: Facebook

Another picture shows stacks of RM50 and RM100 notes on what appears to be a hotel bed, presumably after the punter cashed in on his chips.

Source: Facebook

Netizens believe it could be a marketing campaign

News of the punter’s lucky streak has seemingly made its way across the Causeway — a feature by Shin Min Daily News was reshared on the HardwareZone forum.

The punter’s luck left many netizens shooketh. But some pointed out that this could be a marketing campaign to increase footfall in the casino, which has been badly affected by the pandemic.

Source: Facebook

Others highlighted safety concerns, claiming that it might not be safe to carry such a large sum of cash around.

Source: Facebook

Please gamble responsibly

While the pictures remain unverified, we extend our heartiest congratulations to the lucky punter if this story is authentic.

That said, the chances of such ‘miracles’ happening are extremely small and punters should always gamble responsibly and within their means.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing problem gambling, reach out to the National Council on Problem Gambling via their hotline at 1800-6-668-668.

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