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Geylang Condo Room Renovated With Space Capsule Design, Now Looks Extremely Space-cious

Geylang Condo Room Design Is An Astronaut’s Dream

Many a kid’s dream is to be an astronaut growing up. Who can gaze up at the stars and planets and not marvel about going to space?

While a kid in Singapore might have to wait sometime before going to space, they can live out their dream bunking in a space capsule design in their own Geylang condo room.

On Facebook, Jesigns Interior Design shared their renovation of the room, which features a loft bed resembling a space capsule, a striking door design, and multiple light settings to simulate space conditions.

Source: Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook

While the renovations were only carried out in a single room, the design looks like any aspiring astronaut’s dream.

Geylang condo room outfitted with space capsule design

Right from the entrance, a door that calls up 3023 vibes sets the mood for what lies within.

Source: Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook

The room won’t disappoint either, as the interior is outfitted with a sleek design that calls to mind a spaceship drifting through the galaxies.

Source: Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook

There’s a capsule-style loft bed with a starry ceiling, along with LED lights outfitted around the desk, stairs, and room.

The lights are variable, too, so you can customise the mood however you please.

Source: Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook

While it’s entirely a personal choice to sleep in a bed with four walls around you, four cooling fans are installed to ensure the bed area is as comfy as possible.

Source: Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook

There’s also a glass window looking out into the rest of the room, along with a projector casting to the wall for movie nights in bed.

Source: Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook

All this combines for the most futuristic vibes you can possibly experience in Singapore — right in your own home.

Source: Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook

Netizens wowed by futuristic design

Many applauded the out-of-the-world design, which is a stark contrast to what we see in most homes.

Fans of Star Wars and other sci-fi films will enjoy how spacey everything looks.

One even made a pun calling the design ‘space-cious’. You got us there.

Source: Facebook

Another cheekily asked if the ID’s client works at NASA for them to have such a futuristic room.

Source: Facebook

If you’re interested in the ID’s other works, you can check them out on Facebook.

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Featured image adapted from Jesigns Interior Design on Facebook.

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