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GoalKeepin Offers $500 Cash & Gifts To Finish A Christmas Bucket List & Set New Year Resolutions

GoalKeepin App Offers $500 Cash To Clear A Christmas Bucket List

Let’s be honest. Our 2021 goals to ‘try yoga out’ or ‘lose 5kg’ during Circuit Breaker have probably fallen by the wayside this year. We wouldn’t be too quick to blame you, however.

Most of us are merely attempting to stay afloat in our daily work-from-home grinds, after all.

Now, if only there were an entire community to help hold you accountable for your weight loss journey or mission to pick up a new hobby in 2022.

Enter GoalKeepin – an app designed to incentivise us to do simple tasks like siam that post-Christmas feast spare tyre via tangible cash rewards when you hit your personal goals. Intrigued? So are we.

Keep your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions & win $200 in cash

Some say that you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. Others claim it’s good to aim high and land among the stars.

Whichever faction you subscribe to, there’s one kind of goal that we should try to keep – our New Year’s resolutions. No excuses, no takebacks.

The folks at GoalKeepin understand how tricky it is to live up to our 2022 resolutions so they’ve conceived a challenge called “Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022” to help us reflect on the eventful past year, and manifest our 2022 milestones.

This entails achieving 2 main tasks over 2 weeks as follows:

First Week (6-12 Dec)

  1. Review your goals in 2021
  2. Note down goals you’ve achieved or failed
  3. Reflect on whether these goals are still relevant

Second Week (13-19 Dec)

  1. Craft New Year’s resolutions for 2022
  2. Outline your plans to achieve these goals
  3. Upload an image of your goals in digital or physical writing

After the challenge is complete, users can clock up to $200 in cash rewards & win a GoalKeepin merchandise set.

We’re manifesting that 2022 will be the year to finally achieve your post-pandemic goals. But first, we’ll have to get through the EOY festive rush.

Finish a Christmas bucket list for $500 cash

Before holly red trimmings line our trees, and ‘Jingle Bells’ accompanies our NTUC grocery runs – nothing screams ‘Christmas’ like bingeing on good ole’ festive rom-coms on Netflix.

Since you’re probably planning to do all of the above anyway, why not claim $500 cash to splurge on gifts for your loved ones?

GoalKeepin users who power through this Christmas bucket list will get duly rewarded:

Mon: Write a Christmas card
Tues: Listen to a Christmas playlist
Wed: Dress in Christmas colours
Thurs: Spot a Christmas tree
Fri: Watch a Christmas film
Sat: Catch the outdoor Christmas lights
Sun: Write a thank you card

Image courtesy of GoalKeepin

Sign up before 20 Dec 2021, and upon achieving 100% of the challenge, you’ll stand a chance to win $500 in cash rewards. 7 people will also walk away with $10 e-gift vouchers.

Besides festive challenges, you may be wondering how GoalKeepin works when it comes to helping us achieve our other lifestyle goals beyond the festive season.

Extra cash rewards from a pool generated by fellow users

Amidst the many humdrum or minute things to do daily, goals centred around ensuring our well-being are easily neglected, from keeping fit at home 5 times/week, to dabao-ing food in reusable containers regularly to help save the Earth.

Image courtesy of GoalKeepin

To begin, choose a challenge you deem suitable based on your goals. Next, deposit a participation fee of $10 (minimum amount) – FYI the more invested, the greater the rewards raked in – and then aim to achieve 100% of the challenge’s goal.

Once you’ve hit 85% of your goal, your initial deposit will be fully reimbursed. On top of that, you’ll get bonus rewards in accordance to your goal achievement rate as follows:

  • <55% goal: No reimbursement of participation fee*
  • 55-84% goal: Receive 55-84% reimbursement of participation fee
  • 85%-99% goal: Receive 100% of your participation fee
  • 100% goal: Receive 100% of participation fee + cash rewards from a rewards pool*

*50% of un-reimbursed participation fees will form the rewards pool.

By completing 100% of your goals, you can glean extra cash rewards from the pool.

GoalKeepin App is free for download on App Store & Google Play

Since it’s pretty hard to ‘ownself check ownself’ when it comes to most things we want to achieve in life, an app like GoalKeepin could come in handy in 2022. To help us change our patterns of behaviour, the app taps into “behavioural economics principles” of loss aversion and positive feedback.

The GoalKeepin app is free for download on the App Store & Google Play for Apple and Android devices.

Image courtesy of GoalKeepin

They’ve hosted challenges involving Google Nest products & cycling apparel giveaways à la CSPD as well, with over 800 participants hitting 90% of their goals.

The first 100 MSN readers to embark on their first challenge can also claim a $10 gift badge with the code <MSNXGOALKEEPIN> from 25 Nov to 25 Dec 2021.

Be sure to look out for their Google Pixel Buds A-Series giveaway in an upcoming ‘Listen To Music’ challenge. To stay in the loop for these promos, check out the GoalKeepin website directly or follow them on Instagram.

2022 is the year to chase your post-pandemic goals

We’ve been cooped up in our households for way too long, probably have expensive food delivery bills to pay and next to no social life.

But with an entire community to goalkeep and collectively motivate you to “Get out of the house more! – Mum, Dec 2021”, 2022 already smells like success.

As the ageless slogan of a sports shoe brand we shall not name succinctly puts it, “Just Do It”.

May 2022 be our year to achieve our post-pandemic goals.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with GoalKeepin.

Featured image adapted by MS News.

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