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Ritter Sport Chocolate Has Personalised Messaging, Tell Your Bae They’re Snaccs This Christmas

Ritter Sport Has Special Chocolate Bars In Time For Christmas

There’s nothing like hearing the satisfying snap of a square of chocolate breaking off a thicc bar studded with hazelnuts.

With its iconic packaging, quality ingredients & myriad of flavours, Ritter Sport has cemented itself as one of the go-to gifts for our friends, colleagues, and even teachers.

Since we haven’t been able to hang out in IRL as often as we’d like, reminding them that they’re snaccs with a literal snack could be the next best alternative.

Here are a few deals that could pique your interest, if said loved one or colleague is a known chocoholic.

Festive Ritter Sport chocolate for Secret Santa games

As Christmas is a month away, tis’ also the season for companies to host Secret Santa games to conclude the year.

We may not be able to meet our WFH colleagues IRL just yet, but it’s a good time to stockpile affordable gifts for them, or for our fellow Zoom study buddies.

Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars (100g) – $3.80-$4.40 (3 or 4 for $10)

First up is the iconic Ritter Sport chocolate bar, weighing in at 100g. You’ll be able to select your preferred flavours – including Dark Whole Hazelnuts or Whole Almonds from a wide range available.

Both bars can also be festively bundled for a top-up fee of $1 – definitely a lifesaver for those among us who have trouble with tape and folding wrapping paper.

2 Ritter Sport Choco Cube gift boxes for $14

Beyond Ritter Sport’s iconic 100g chocolate squares, those who’d prefer individually wrapped chocolate cubes for easy WFH snacking can consider gifting Choco Cubes.

These come in festive red & green Christmas cube boxes, packed to the brim with 176g of rich chocolate.

Similarly, you’ll be able to customise the flavours – Classic or Yogurt for instance – and top-up $1 for this packaging.

Customisable Christmas mini 8-pc gift box

Besides the joy of unwrapping a gift, some of us look forward to the arguably sweeter notes our loved ones write for us.

Ritter Sport Mini 8-Pc Gift Box – $10.90/box

Enter this 8-piece chocolate gift box set with a Christmas sleeve designed so you can pen a personalised message to the recipient.

Pick from 5 flavours, and top-up $1.90 for a sleeve online & in-store. For online purchases, do note that since the gift box’s message is set in advance, you won’t be able to customise messages.

Limited edition thermal flask & chocolate bundle for $27.90 till 30 Nov

24°C weather is usually enough for Singaporeans to declare that winter is here, but our heavily air-conditioned abodes would also average similar – or lower – temperatures.

That’s probably where this final Ritter Sport Christmas gift bundle we’ll be introducing will come in handy.

The Cocoa Trees x Ritter Sport Christmas Winter Collection – $27.90 (Worth $41.90)

Early birds can snag this exclusive bundle which includes:

  • The Cocoa Trees Limited Edition Thermal Flask
  • 1 x Exclusive Festive Chocolate
  • 3 x Ritter Sport Winter Chocolate Bars
    – Spiced Biscuit
    – Caramelised Almonds
    – Coconut Macaroon

Since this is a limited edition release from 1-30 Nov, do note that it’ll be available while stocks last. FYI, the thermal flask can keep beverages warm or cold for 12 hours. Let’s take a closer look at the designs available.

Image courtesy of Ritter Sport

The tumblers come in 3 different colours, ombre pink, ombre purple, and good ole’ basic black.

We’d recommend it for bae who’s always complaining they’re perpetually cold and need a cuppa warm tea to get them through a long work day.

Ritter Sport online & in-store deals for last-minute gift shopping

If you were planning to hit the supermarkets for last minute gift shopping sprees, at least now you’ll have that covered. Alternatively, head over to any The Cocoa Trees store or their official website to add them to your cart.

After what’s been an eventful year of surviving a pandemic, it’s no wonder we’ll need all the endorphin boosts we can get.

In a world where there’s less constancy than before, we choose to place our faith in the delectable predictability of a trusty slab of chocolate.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Ritter Sport & The Cocoa Trees.

Featured image courtesy of MS News.

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