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S’pore grandma shows off her elaborate virtual farm & receives over 100 friend requests

Singaporean grandma shows off virtual Hay Day farm

While some may see old age as a time to slow down, it isn’t always the case as seniors often find themselves engaging in new pursuits and challenges.

One grandma in Singapore has certainly proved just that.

She recently gave a tour of her virtual farm on Hay Day —  a mobile farming game — and impressed viewers with how vast and abundant it is.

Source: @ianthioo on TikTok

As the video went viral, fellow players expressed how in awe they were of her farm, revealing the grandma as a high-level Hay Day player.

Grandma has all kinds of livestock & even a peacock on Hay Day farm

Curiosity surrounding the elderly lady’s Hay Day farm started from a TikTok video by her grandson Ian, otherwise known as @ianthioo.

In the video, Ian asked his grandma Doreen what was for dinner. In response, the camera panned to her playing Hay Day on her tablet.

Eagle-eyed viewers caught on to the fact that she was at a lofty level 187 in the game, which led her to give a tour of her farm in a follow-up video.

@ianthioo Replying to @🥫🥫 this is fufilling my grandmas retirement… go add my grandma on hayday so she has lots of friends #fyp #foryou #grandma #hayday ♬ Theme from “A Summer Place” – Percy Faith And His Orchestra

She shared that her farm is named ‘Clara’s Farm’ after her granddaughter. Furthermore, it has an impressive array of livestock such as chicken, pigs, cows, and goats.

Ms Doreen then proceeded to show off one of her favourite animals on the estate, a majestic white peacock.

Source: @ianthioo on TikTok

Following that, she encouraged players who are watching to add her as a friend so that they may help each other out.


Players swarm grandma with friend requests after video goes viral

Ian’s video went viral with 1.2 million views at the time of writing.

Numerous players were gobsmacked by Mdm Doreen’s expansive farm, with many calling her “Hay Day rich”.

Others were surprised that she is the mastermind behind ‘Clara’s Farm’, implying that it has quite a reputation among players.

Some also asked for her player ID, to which Ian obliged.

A few days later, Ian and Ms Doreen gave viewers an update, showing how many friend requests she had received since then.

Source: @ianthioo on TikTok

While she only had 19 friends prior to accepting the requests, she ended up adding more than 100 people.

With all her new friends added, she said she hopes she can help them all in “any way (she) can”.

Ian then showed a glimpse of her putting her items up for sale. She even adjusted the prices in order to make them more affordable.

Grandma took 10 years to build farm to its current state

Speaking to MS News, Mdm Doreen, who is 82 this year, said she has been playing Hay Day on and off for the past 10 years.

She first stumbled upon it after seeing in-game advertisements within Word Connect and Word Therapy, which are mobile word games.

Aside from inspiring the farm’s name, her granddaughter Clara also helped with her virtual farming by teaching her how to play.

Besides that, Ms Doreen also took the initiative to watch game tutorial videos.

Today, she spends around an hour and a half daily on her farm.

While it may only be a farming game on the surface, Mdm Doreen said it has taught her patience through activities such as waiting for virtual food to be cooked and for plants and fruits tree to grow.

Source: @ianthioo on TikTok

For Hay Day players who might be curious, her favourite things about the game are the derbies – limited events with prizes – and the EGGspress train, a train that brings town visitors to the player’s town.

As a tip, she advised players to to produce items that take the longest to harvest before they go to bed, since they will be asleep.

Her ultimate goal is to acquire more animals on her zoo and eventually get them all.

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Featured image adapted from @ianthioo on TikTok.

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