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Haus Brew Has Rock Melon & Almond Milk So You Can Zhng Up CNY Drinks When Cousins Come Over

Haus Brew Releases New Rock Melon & Almond Milk Drinks

Preparing for Chinese New Year festivities usually involves stocking up your kitchen with snacks and drinks for when the cousins come knocking on your door.

Classic drinks like chrysanthemum and winter melon tea are staples for bai nian. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t zhng up your drinks for the special occasion.

Surprise your cousins with popular beverages like milk tea and fruit tea, which come ready-to-drink in convenient bottles by homegrown brand Haus Brew.

And if your guests prefer something creamier, you can cop refreshing flavours like Almond Milk and Rock Melon Milk.

Both are new releases that will surely please the palettes of those who want something rich, but without the caffeine.

Keep guests cool with Haus Brew almond & rock melon milk

Faces are usually aglow with joy during house visits because that’s when blessed youngins get to thank their elders for angbao.

Sometimes, it’s also because of perspiration, no thanks to the notoriously sweltering heat that accompanies CNY festivities every year.

Be the cool host this year with a fridge that’s well-packed with groovy thirst quenchers like Almond Milk and Rock Melon Milk.

Instead of being served in cartons, they come in bottles that you can hand out easily to your cousins who may appreciate rich, velvety drinks after an intense round of card games.

Fruit tea for health-conscious folks

Your uncle and aunt’s endeavours to cut down on sugary drinks may inspire you to serve traditional Chinese tea to your aunt and uncle.

Thankfully, the Fruit Tea series which comes with the sacred ‘Healthier Choice’ sign will let you serve cold, bottled and delicious tea while saving the trouble of brewing it yourself.

Be it Apple Jasmine or Peach Oolong, Haus Brew’s assortment of fruit tea drinks are 25% lower in sugar than other bottled drinks in the market.

Rather than worrying about their sugar intake, uncles and aunts can spend their time focusing on how to win the next round of mahjong.

The certification extends to Haus Brew’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea too, so boba-loving fitspos in the fam can still enjoy a sweet midday treat over chatter and card games.

Stress-relieving toy to spread positivi-tea

All that spring cleaning to ensure the house is spick and span before CNY can be quite taxing, especially if we have siblings who prefer lounging around.

Instead of bottling up all that stress, Haus Brew is letting you take it out on them.

Yep, they’re giving diligent homemakers and workers who are in need of some inner calm, a Roly-Poly toy that doubles up as a bag you can squeeze and punch.

With every 6 bottles of Haus Brew drinks purchased at Sheng Siong outlets, you can collect the stress-relieving toy while stocks last.

Selections from the Milk and Milk Tea series cost $1.95 each, while a bottle from the Fruit Tea series is $1.80.

Once you bring it home, all you need to do is to fill it up with water at the bottom as a counterbalance for ‘playtime’. The toy will come in handy all year round when you require some positivi-tea to keep you going at work.

Stock up on flavourful beverages for CNY

Be it hosting a potluck or a CNY gathering with family and friends, Haus Brew’s array of flavoured drinks can be easily paired with mandarin oranges, love letters, or bak kwa.

You can hunt for Haus Brew drinks at major Sheng Siong outlets across Singapore.

For more details, you can head over to their website here.

If you prefer the cosier option of shopping online, you can also buy it directly from their site. Purchases can be made in 2 types of bundles:

There’s no such thing as “too many drinks” when stocking up for CNY. After all, it’s important to stay hydrated with an overload of snacks awaiting you at every visit.

A flavour for everyone at home

We can all agree that CNY visits can be pretty intense in the heat, even more so when you’re figuring out how to beat your cousins in mahjong.

But guests will surely appreciate your efforts to keep them cool and hydrated with drinks that will appease everyone’s taste buds.

Having a go-to brand that peddles more than 10 flavours will help to ensure that there’s something for every guest in your abode.

Because being Asians, it’s difficult to say no to milk tea, especially when it’s served to you straight at home.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Gourmet Supplies.

Featured image by MS News.

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