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Man Rescues Injured Kitten From KPE Tunnel And Brings Her To Vet

Injured Kitten Was Unable To Stand Or Walk

What would you do if you encounter an injured cat on an expressway?

Drive on, ‘cos it is too much of a hassle to stop?

While that might be the case for most of us, thankfully, there are others who would go out of their way to help these animals.

Netizen Mr Masz Masuri recently spotted an injured kitten in the KPE tunnel and shared his selfless rescue process on Facebook.

We summarise the post after the jump, otherwise you can read it in full here.


One Wednesday evening at KPE

Mr Masuri, a private-hire driver, was driving through the KPE tunnel towards the ECP on Wednesday (24 Oct) when he spotted a furry object lying on the road shoulder.

He stopped his car and circled back on foot to check on the mysterious object.

His suspicions were proven right when the furry object turned out to be a 1-year-old female tabby that had difficulties walking.

He picked the kitten up by the scruff – like a mother cat would – and brought it back to his car.

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Traffic at the time was getting heavier, as the evening peak-hour traffic was starting to pick up.

Fortunately, LTA’s Expressway Monitoring Adviosory System (EMAS) stepped in to help block the traffic, allowing Mr Masuri to move off safely.

Vet examination

Mr Masuri then brought the kitten to a vet in Clementi to examine her injuries.


Even though an X-ray showed no signs of broken bones, the cat wasn’t able to walk or stand. Vets sispected that this was a result of damaged nerves.

So cat may have to undergo rehabilitation and acupuncture in order to regain her ability to walk.

On Thursday, Mr Masuri reported good news that the cat was feeling more comfortable with his presence, and was starting to eat food hand-fed to her.


However, it appears that the kitten still has a long way to go before recovering fully.

A video uploaded by Mr Masuri shows that her front left paw was completely unresponsive.

Netizens chipped in

Mr Masuri may be an angelic soul, but that doesn’t save him from the world’s practicalities.

The medical costs incurred were apparently too high for him. So Mr Masuri took to Facebook to appeal for donations.

As of Thursday (25 Oct), 9pm, Mr Masuri received $1,410 in donations, of which $300 had been used for a deposit at the vet.

He is currently looking for a fosterer or an adopter to help take care of the cat.

Not the first time

It appears that this isn’t the first time that Mr Masuri had rescued cats off the roads.

Last May, Mr Masuri was driving in Johor Bahru (JB) with his son when they spotted a kitten stranded on the road divider of an expressway.

The father-son duo reportedly made a detour to ‘pick up’ the kitten, as seen in the video.

Thankfully, the kitten appeared to be injury-free apart from its blistered and bloodied paws.

The kitten has since been adopted by a family in JB who has also kindly taken on all future medical expenses.

You can do your part too!

It goes without saying that stories like this are nicer to hear than those of mistreated animals.

Kudos to Mr Masuri for helping us restore our faith in humanity.

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