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South Korean YouTuber Harassed While Livestreaming In India, 2 Men Arrested Over Incident

South Korean YouTuber Harassed In India, Man Tries To Kiss & Grab Her

Now that people can travel again, it’s tempting to go forth and see the world, as we couldn’t do that for 2.5 years.

However, a South Korean woman who went to India was unfortunately harassed while livestreaming on the streets of Mumbai.

Two men were subsequently arrested over the incident.

South Korean YouTuber says she was harassed in India

In a YouTube video caption posted last Thursday (1 Dec), Ms Hyojeong Park, a South Korean YouTube content creator, said she was assaulted in Mumbai.

Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

The 24-year-old was heading back to her hotel after a night out when two men stopped her.

She was kissed and touched without her consent, but thankfully managed to escape by giving them a fake phone number.

Encounter started off as friendly

In the video, Ms Park can be seen walking down the busy Mumbai streets while livestreaming when two men on a motorcycle approach her.

It started off as a friendly encounter, with one of the men saying, “I love you” to her.

She responds by saying, “I love you too,” and gives him a fistbump.


Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

She then walks away.

Man puts arm around her shoulders, kisses her

However, the encounter soon turns sinister when the men approach Ms Park again.

One of them poses for the camera next to her this time, with his arm around her shoulders.

He then moves in to kiss her, to her obvious surprise.

Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

Shocked, she asks for his age, and he asks for hers, to which she tries to throw him off by replying, “Ichi ni san shi” (Japanese for “one two three four”).

Man grabs her arm, tries to pull her onto motorbike

As if the encounter couldn’t get any scarier, the man then grabs Ms Park by the arm.

Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

He then pulls her towards the motorbike, indicating for her to sit on it.

Of course, she vehemently refuses, wrenching her arm free and waving it, saying she’s scared.

She also tries to make excuses, saying she’s wearing a dress.

The man then puts his arm around her shoulders and kisses her again.

Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

She quickly moves away, saying “no” repeatedly and walks away seemingly still in shock.

Men catch up with her again

Thinking that she’s finally free of them, Ms Park tells the camera it’s time to go home.

However, it’s not over yet — the men catch up with her on their motorbike, seemingly unable to take “no” for an answer.

Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

This time, she wards them off by telling them her home is nearby, but they still ask for her phone number.

She gives them a fake number and manages to get away again.

Korean meets man who helps her

Visibly scared now, Ms Park meets another man — but this time, it’s a good Samaritan.

He said he’d been watching the livestream nearby, saw her with the two men, and decided to come over and help.

Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

When the two men on the motorcycle come over again, he’s seen talking to them.

Source: Mhyochi on YouTube

They then finally depart without further incident.

Men who harassed Korean YouTuber arrested by police in India

The incident was reported to the Mumbai Police, who tracked the two men down, reported Al Jazeera.

They were swiftly arrested.

Mumbai Deputy Commissioner of Police Anil Paraskar said the police would carry out further investigations.

Some netizens say she was ‘too friendly’

However, some netizens have pointed the finger at Ms Park, too.

Comments have said she was “too friendly”, possibly when she first encountered the men and said, “I love you too”.

In response, she said that when she’s making content, people do react by showing interest or engaging with her.

That’s why she said “I love you” back to him — but was still walking back to her hotel, she pointed out.

YouTuber takes men who helped her to lunch

As for the good Samaritan, Ms Park had a chance to thank him properly.

She took him and another man who helped her post the video out for lunch.

Source: @mhyochi on Twitter

It looks like in Aditya and Atharva, she’s made two new friends who helped her out of the frightening experience.

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Featured image adapted from Mhyochi on YouTube.

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