S’pore To Have Less Rain In Late-Dec, Leave Your Christmas Sweaters At Home

Less Windy & Rain For The Rest Of December

While windy weather and occasional showers dominated the 1st half of December, such conditions are expected to be milder as 2021 draws to a close.

S’poreans To Expect Windy & Rainy Days In 1st Half Of Dec, 22°C Temperature Possible

According to Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), the 2nd half of December will be less windy and wet compared to the 2 weeks prior.


With temperature ranging from 24-33°C on most days, perhaps it might not be such a bad idea to leave the festive jumpers in our wardrobes this year.

Less rain and windy days this Christmas

In a press release shared on Thursday (16 Dec), MSS shared that Northeast Monsoon conditions in the coming fortnight will be “generally weak”.

This means there’ll be fewer windy days compared to the first half of December.

Although there will generally be lesser rain in the coming weeks, folks in Singapore can still expect short duration showers in the afternoon on most days.

These may also extend to the evenings, MSS reports.

On the first few days of the fortnight, AKA over the coming days, Singapore residents may also find themselves waking up tp rain and gusty winds.

However, MSS says that on a whole, rainfall in December is expected to be “well below-average” islandwide.

Temperature might fall to 22°C on rainy days

Daily temperatures are expected to fluctuate between 24°C and 33°C on most days over the coming fortnight.

There are however, outliers to this.

On a few days, temperatures might also soar to 34°C.

But on occasional rainy days, the temperature might plummet to 22-23°C.

Looks like a humid end to the 2021

Windy and showery Decembers is like Singapore’s version of snow, so it’s sad that we might not be able to get that this year.

Meanwhile, it seems our Christmas sweaters will have to wait another year before they see the light of day.

Nonetheless, as long as we make time to celebrate and catch up with our loved ones this festive season, perhaps sweating it out a bit might not be that bad after all.

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