Doggo In Lim Chu Kang Separated From Her 9 Puppies, Welfare Group Seeks To Reunite Family

Stray Dog In Lim Chu Kang Had Puppies Allegedly Taken Away From Her

Any mother would be distraught if she loses her children. We believe the same could be said for female dogs after giving birth, as they are the caretaker and protector of their litter of pups.

For one mother dog in Lim Chu Kang, 9 of her 10 puppies were reportedly taken away from her on 18 Nov.

The 10 puppies at Lim Chu Kang

Welfare group Action for Singapore Dogs posted about the news on Facebook on Friday (27 Nov), appealing for the person who took the puppies to reunite them with their mother.


Sadly, in a heart-wrenching update yesterday (28 Nov), they learnt that one of the pups had passed away. Another is currently in critical condition and requires an oxygen tent to breathe.

The fate of the rest of the 7 are unknown.

Puppies allegedly taken away from their mother at Lim Chu Kang

According to Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), they were alerted to the separation a week after the actual incident, which was on 25 Nov.

The family of stray normally hangs out around Singapore Police Coast Guard post in Lim Chu Kang.


After managing to locate the mother, they were able to take in her remaining puppy to ensure that both are safe.

Person responsible urged to return the puppies

Now, ASD is asking the person responsible to return the rest of the puppies, so that they can be reunited with their mother.

The remaining puppy found with its mother

They understand that the person took them “with the best intentions.” They said,

We understand that you feared for their safety as there are snakes in that area.

ASD thinks the person also could have been worried about the mother not having enough milk for the pups as she looked “malnourished”.

To this, ASD reassures them,

However, the mother is safe with us now in a clean environment with plenty to eat. She will have sufficient milk to feed her pups.

They urged the person to message them their location, so that the team from ASD can collect the pups.

It will take a while for the pups to be weaned. But for now, they need to be with their mother until they’re old enough, said ASD.

1 of the missing pups passed away

The next day, which was yesterday (28 Nov), ASD updated that they received word about 2 pups from a woman, who identified herself as the fosterer.


Sadly, one of the pups had passed away on Thursday (26 Nov). The other pup was gravely ill.

The pup who did not make it

The fosterer related that she had spent about $1,000 on vet bills to nurse both puppies back to health.

She had also rushed the surviving puppy to a vet in the wee hours of the morning, as he had “laboured breathing” and his condition was “rapidly deteriorating”.

ASD quickly made their way down to the vet. The pup’s condition is now stable, and they had him transferred to another vet that they work with.

Fate of the other pups unknown

The fosterer only had the name of the person who gave her the 2 puppies, according to ASD.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the litter, their fate is not known. ASD is currently waiting for a response from the person who corresponded with the fosterer.

They urged the person,

If you are reading this post, please do the right thing and reunite the remaining pups with their mother before it is too late.

Hope rest of the puppies survived

Although the person may have taken the puppies to ‘rescue’ them, they are currently too young to be separated from their mum.

Pet experts have advised that puppies should be at least 7-8 weeks old before being weaned.

We sincerely hope that the person responsible catches word of the appeal and reaches out to ASD. Hopefully, the rest of the puppies are able to survive.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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