Man Photographs MacRitchie Like A Magic Forest, Shows Another World Through His Lens

Stunning Photos Make MacRitchie Look Like A Secret Magic Forest

MacRitchie is well-known among Singaporeans as a place to enjoy a tranquil walk or training ground for trail marathons.

However, you may not have seen MacRitchie quite like this before. Armed with just a lens, a man captured the park like a secret magic forest. Upon seeing the images, it instantly transports you to a Scandinavian-like forest.


Photos transform the park into a fairy-tale forest

Uploaded onto the Facebook group Nature Society (Singapore), a man shared images he took of MacRitchie on 2 separate trips.

Under the different hues of natural sunlight, this photo instantly transports the viewer into another world that looks like a magic forest out of a book.


The contrast in the colours of the trees and water truly brings out nature’s raw beauty in these snaps.


The almost emerald green hues of the water resemble those in wintery climates, instead of hot and humid Singapore.


With these ingenious angles, the towering trees look like they go all the way up to the sky.


Their massive heights are unlike the many trees we see around our HDB estates, adding to the enchanting forest vibe.


Monkeys in their natural habitat

The cheeky residents of MacRitchie are another aspect that the nature trail is famous for.

In a rare moment, the man snapped a photo of a monkey up close with adorable beady eyes filled with curiosity.


As though the monkeys are having a gathering and the man was just lucky to be there at the right time, he caught a picture of the primates socialising on a trail casually.


Looking at the shot, you can almost imagine what the place would be like it were left untouched by humans.

Beauty seen through the lens of the beholder

The magic that a simple camera can create is truly astounding. With one click, we can travel to another world despite of the travel bans.

In the midst of this global ‘lockdown’, let’s look for worlds within our world, so we can ultimately see beauty in the most common of places.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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