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Man Allegedly Steals Beer Cartons From Bedok Store When Drunk, Returns Later To Apologise

Drunk Man Allegedly Steals Beer & Biscuits From Bedok North Store

Getting drunk tends to bring out unsavoury behaviours in someone. When under the influence, one could even perform crimes unknowingly.

This was the case for a man who allegedly stole cartons of beer from a store in Bedok North on Tuesday (9 Nov).

However, due to his drunken state, he ended up suffering various mysterious bloody injuries, leaving blood splatters in the vicinity of Blocks 111 and 112 of Bedok North Road.

The police subsequently arrested him, and investigations are ongoing.

Drunk man steals from store after beer purchase rejected

According to Shin Min Daily News, a 38-year-old man was arrested for stealing cartons of beer and biscuits from a store in Bedok North.

The man had allegedly attempted to purchase alcohol at around 2am on Tuesday (9 Nov) and was duly rejected by a staff member in the store.

However, it seems that the rejection wasn’t taken well. Instead, he resorted to snatching about 20 beers and biscuits from the store before making his escape.


However, due to his drunken state, he suffered multiple bloody injuries. It is unclear how he sustained these injuries.


Blood can be seen splattered in various parts of the neighbourhood.


Police investigations are currently ongoing.

Returns the next day to pay for stolen goods

In the same report, Shin Min Daily News managed to contact the perpetrator and received some context to the story.


The man had allegedly been drinking for a day straight and was intoxicated to the point where he had no recollection of stealing the cartons of beer.

He also revealed that due to work and certain circumstances, he had been drinking to relieve stress.

The man also admitted he returned to the store and paid for the stolen items a day after. He also apologised to the staff for the incident.

No excuse for theft

Sometimes, succumbing to our drunken state is inevitable, and we may perform actions that we regret once we’ve sobered up.

However, there is no excuse for stealing, no matter the circumstances.

As police investigations are currently underway, it remains to be seen whether any action will be taken against him. He did return the money and apologise after all.

Hopefully, he’ll know better than to consume alcohol excessively next time. Moderation is key.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News

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