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Power98 DJ Buys S$29 Mutton Biryani At Gardens By The Bay Food Court, Feels Meal Was Just Okay

Power 98 DJ Reveals He Bought Mutton Biryani For S$29 At Gardens By The Bay Food Court

Power 98 DJ Jerald Justin Ko recently purchased a plate of boneless mutton biryani at the new Gardens By The Bay dinosaur-themed food court.

While the Marina Bay area is known for its highly-priced food relative to other places in Singapore, the DJ was shocked when the biryani bill came up to a whopping S$29.

DJ purchases mutton biryani at Gardens By The Bay for S$29

Posting to TikTok, Ko shared that he bought a plate of boneless mutton biryani for lunch from a stall at the new dinosaur-themed food court at Gardens By The Bay on 2 Jan.

Source: TikTok

Having opened its doors late last year, the Jurassic Nest Food Hall has since grown in popularity.

However, a particular aspect of dining at the food court did not sit well with him.

“Make a guess, biryani with three pieces of lamb… how much?” Ko asked before revealing that it cost a staggering S$29.

Source: TikTok

Speaking to MS News, Ko shared that the price of the biryani on the menu was S$23, which was already pretty steep.

He decided to try it anyway, as what he wanted was sold out. Unfortunately, the price eventually came up to S$29, presumably because he’d ordered boneless meat.

Ultimately, Ko felt that the meal was pretty decent, as the rice was delicious, even though the lamb meat was tough.

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“Reckon for the place and portion $16-18 would be fairer,” he shared, noting that he would be trying the biryani business’ main outlet next as he heard the food there tasted better and priced more reasonably.

Singaporeans left stunned at steep price

Ko wasn’t the only one shocked by the biryani’s high cost.

Many denounced the meal as far too expensive, stating that it was definitely not worth it.

Source: TikTok

One netizen noted that they didn’t mind paying S$29 for biryani, but only if they received a higher portion of food as well.

Source: TikTok

A few netizens also suggested that the high price might be due to the rental or the prime location, Gardens by the Bay.

Source: TikTok

Conversely, Ko told MS News that other stalls at the food court offered better prices for their meals.

For instance, the char siew rice stall had S$16.80 dishes, while one ramen stall offered meals for around S$13. Meanwhile, the other biryani stall Ko had his eye on sold chicken biryani at S$9.

While it wasn’t an altogether unpleasant experience for Ko, he did note that he might be sticking to SuperTree Food Hall from now on.

“Next time, maybe I’ll order chicken biryani,” he joked.

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