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Woman Learns Previous Owner Of Her Potong Pasir Resale Flat Had Passed Away Inside 2 Years Ago

Woman Shares Grim Experience Of Buying Her Resale Flat In Potong Pasir

For many, moving into a new house signifies a fresh start and a new beginning.

However, this was not the case for one woman who discovered the appalling history behind her newly purchased flat.

The previous owner reportedly died inside, and his remains were found by National Environment Agency (NEA) personnel conducting dengue inspections in the area.

Woman purchases S$600K flat in Potong Pasir

According to Shin Min Daily News, the woman, 31-year-old Ms Chen, purchased the flat at Block 139 Potong Pasir Avenue 3 for S$600,000.

Source: Google Maps

After renovations, she moved into the unit with her two sons, younger brother, and father-in-law in August 2022.

As she had sold her old flat around the same time, Ms Chen needed to find a new place within two to three months.

However, the property agent only managed to find two units available for sale. After much consideration, she settled for the option that was closer to her son’s school.

Throughout the process, she never interacted with the seller directly and completed the transaction through the property agent.

Discovers that the previous owner died in the unit

Unfortunately, just three weeks after moving in, Ms Chen found her kitchen ceiling leaking.

Thus, she called a contractor, who informed her that the leak had lasted over a decade.


He explained that he could not paint over the water stains on the ceiling and advised her to contact the authorities. Then, he casually asked Ms Chen if she knew about the unit’s history.

After talking to him, she learned that the previous owner was found dead in the unit two years ago.

In July 2020, NEA personnel were conducting dengue inspections in the area.

After many unsuccessful attempts to contact the owner, He Guogang (name transliterated from Chinese), they hired a locksmith to open the door.

Subsequently, they discovered his skeletal remains in the kitchen of the flat.

Hopes property agents will be transparent

Following the incident, Ms Chen noted that the property agent should have told her about the flat’s history, and hoped for more transparency between buyers and agents.

As the situation had long passed, she felt it would be pointless to lodge a complaint with the property agent.

Currently, her top priority is fixing the leakage as she lives with the elderly and children in the flat.

According to the director of Altitude Real Estate, Nelson Lim, property agents are not obliged to disclose information about the home’s previous owner.

However, buyers can ask the agents relevant questions. In such cases, the latter is compelled to tell the truth.

If the agent fails to do so, buyers can cancel the transaction, and the agent will face disciplinary action.

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Featured images adapted from Shin Min Daily News

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