NTU Offers Free Covid-19 Testing To Hall Residents, Students Can Book Slots Now

NTU Hall Residents Strongly Encouraged To Undergo Covid-19 Test

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic eases in Singapore, authorities are careful to prevent its resurgence.

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In particular, large groups living in close proximity remains a cause for concern when it comes to the spread of the virus.

To ensure that its community is kept safe, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) will be offering free Covid-19 testing for all hall residents.


Testing will take place from 4-15 Jan 2021 and students can start booking their slots online.

NTU offers free Covid-19 test for hall residents

On Monday (7 Dec), NTU announced that new and returning students staying in the university’s halls will be offered free Covid-19 tests.


Tests will take place on weekdays between 4-15 Jan next year.

Hall residents have until 18 Dec to book their slots online, reported The Straits Times (ST).

To be eligible for the test, students must neither be exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms nor serving any of the following:

  • Quarantine
  • Stay-Home Notice
  • Leave of Absence

Better monitor and contain Covid-19 cases

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), NTU made the move after consulting with the Education and Health ministries.

Through the initiative, NTU hopes to better keep its campus community safe.


This is part of the government’s efforts to expand Covid-19 testing to select community groups.

As such, NTU hall residents are highly encouraged to undergo the test.

The testing regime will help monitor the prevalence of Covid-19, including asymptomatic cases, allowing the university to contain these cases quickly.

This is especially important in a communal living environment that carries increased risk of community transmission.

Antigen rapid tests to be used

NTU students will reportedly receive antigen rapid tests (ART) which involves swabbing of the nasal region.


NTU hall residents who test positive will have to take another Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to confirm if they are infected, reported CNA.

As they await their PCR results, residents will have to isolate and minimise instances where they are in close proximity to others.

Confirmed cases will then be conveyed to a care facility and receive medical treatment. This will be covered under NTU’s student insurance scheme.

NTU Hall 1 will also be set aside as a temporary isolation facility for any full-time student who needs a place to stay to self-isolate.


This is free for students with no local residence or whose homes are not appropriate for self-isolation.

Kudos to NTU for keeping its community safe

Kudos to NTU for taking such measures to ensure that their community remains healthy and safe.

Throughout the pandemic, the university has truly been a shining example for organisations and schools in its handling of the virus and its repercussions.

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Hopefully, their efforts pay off and more school activities will be able to resume in due time.

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