Botanic Gardens Otter Pups Look Afraid Of Water, Reminds Us Of Our Young Selves

Fearful Otter Pups Get Coaxed & Dragged Into Water By Parents

Otters have become the unofficial mascot of Singapore, adored for their playful antics.

On Wednesday (9 Sep), Ottercity, a page that shares about Singapore otters, posted an adorable video of an otter family at Botanic Gardens.

The video showed some otter pups being coaxed into the water by their parents.

It captured netizens’ hearts and went viral, reminding many of their younger selves.

Otter pups afraid to jump into water

We often see otters adeptly swimming and gliding smoothly in waters. But just like us hoomans, they actually need time and guidance to learn to do so.

In Ottercity’s video, the otter family was seen at Swan Lake in Botanic Gardens.

Some of the otters immediately took the plunge into the waters while others hung back.

After some hesitation, more followed suit, jumping into the waters, leaving what appears to be 5 of the younger otter pups and an otter parent on land.



The otter parent tried to rally the pups as they ventured further inland, seemingly afraid to go into the waters.

Soon after, another otter parent came back up to land, nudging the pups slightly before jumping back in, as if showing them there’s nothing to be afraid of.


The other otter parent also made its way into the waters.

However, the pups remained on land, looking at the river fearfully.


Otter pups dragged into water by parent

The otter parent stayed by the riverside as the otter pups plucked up the courage to make the jump.


3 of the pups then leapt in, and the parent immediately checked on them.

The remaining 2 pups looked on wide-eyed, seemingly still fearing what the water holds.


But it seemed as if the otter parent had lost patience trying to assuage their fears as it swiftly jumped up, pulling the unsuspecting pup down into the water.


The lone pup left on land gazed longingly as the rest of his family played in the waters.


And it did not take long for the otter parent to come back up, bringing the fearful pup to join in the fun.


Video of otters reminds netizens of their younger selves

The video of the otter family quickly went viral, garnering over 117,000 shares at the time of writing.

Many netizens loved how adorable the otters were and how the parents cared for their young.


The scene reminded many of their own journey in learning to swim and how their parents also pushed them to do it.


This netizen added that all parents, no matter the species often have to encourage their offspring to overcome their fears.


Fascinating to see how otters care for their young ones

We often see the playful side of these creatures but it is just as fascinating to see how they look out for one another, just as we do.

Indeed, as different as humans are from animals, there will always be a common bond we share of loving and caring for our young ones.

What do you think of the young otters learning to swim? Does it remind you of your younger self? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Ottercity on Facebook.

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