Pfizer Facility Among 2 New Covid-19 Clusters In S’pore As Local Cases Reach 1,004

Singapore Reports 1,004 Local Covid-19 Cases, Pfizer Among New Clusters

Yesterday (18 Sep), local Covid-19 cases exceeded 1,000 for the first time since Apr 2020 as we recorded 1,004 cases.

There are also new clusters that MOH is actively monitoring, including one at Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. The facility isn’t involved in vaccine production.

There are 813 cases in hospital, with a total of 123 cases of serious illness:

  • 105 requiring oxygen supplementation
  • 18 in critical condition in the ICU

MOH also said that a 90-year-old man has passed away from Covid-19 complications. He had a history of cancer, heart disease and pneumonia.

New large clusters include one at Pfizer Asia Pacific

2 new large clusters were added to MOH’s list for active monitoring yesterday.

They include pharmaceutical company Pfizer Asia Pacific, which currently has 22 cases in total.


7 cases were added yesterday.

MOH said that of the 22 cases, 20 are staff while the other 2 are cleaners, with no evidence of spread beyond the worksite.

The facility isn’t involved in producing vaccines.

Another newly added cluster is NSL Oilchem, an industrial waste-management company, with 39 cases currently — 2 were added yesterday.

There is evidence of further spread to household contacts of cases, with the following breakdown:

  • 25 staff
  • 2 household contacts

For more information on existing clusters, you can check MOH’s update here.

123 cases of serious illness with 100 over 60 years old

Among those that have fallen very ill, 100 are seniors above 60 years old.

Case 78675, a 90-year-old Singaporean man, passed away on 17 Sep from Covid-19 complications. He was not vaccinated.

On the same day, he was conveyed to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases and tested positive.

This marks the 60th death from Covid-19 in Singapore.

Asymptomatic and mild cases continue to form the vast majority of cases in Singapore, at 98.1% over the past 28 days.

1,004 local Covid-19 cases

MOH said that there were a total of 1,009 Covid-19 cases found yesterday.

They include:

  • 926 in the community
  • 78 in migrant worker dormitories
  • 5 imported cases

259 seniors above 60 years old are among the new cases.

Those with mild symptoms to avoid hospital treatment

Because there’s been a surge of cases with acute respiratory infection symptoms going to A&E departments at hospitals, MOH advises those with mild symptoms to avoid this.

Instead, they should consult a General Practitioner (GP) at a Swab and Send Home (SASH) clinic.

This will allow this in need of more urgent care to be attended to quickly.

Vigilance required for seniors

With the large uptick in cases, it’s doubly important for seniors to protect themselves.

As they are at higher risk of developing complications from Covid-19, especially if unvaccinated, seniors above 60 should socially distance as far as possible.

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