Police Struggle To Wake Driver At Jalan Sultan Carpark Up, Later Arrest Him For Suspected Drink Driving

Driver Collides Into Motorcycles & Refuses To Wake Up When Police Officer Approaches

We all know how annoying it can be when someone tries waking us up when all we want to do is sleep.

On Friday (29 Jan), one man was so consumed with sleep that he did not realise it was the police trying to wake him up in his car.


He even swatted at the police when they tried to grab him and later shouted at them.

Eventually, the police arrested him for suspected drink driving.

Police struggle to wake sleepy driver

In the early hours of Friday (29 Jan), a man was caught on video pushing and shouting at a few traffic police officers at the Hotel Boss carpark.

The man appeared sleepy and resisted the officers when they tried getting him out of the car.

The men in blue grabbed him by the arm, nudged him, and even shouted at him but to no avail.


The driver could be heard shouting, “No!” at the officers but the rest of his mutterings were mostly incoherent.

At one point, the driver even reclined his seat further back, probably so he could get ina more comfortable sleeping position.


In the video, the officers can also be heard saying, “you better wake up now” to the driver, but their warning appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Driver collided into 5 motorcycles

It turns out the man had apparently collided into 5 motorcycles parked at the Jalan Sultan carpark.


Fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

Driver suspected of drink driving

Speaking to MS News, the police confirmed that they were alerted to the accident at 5.01am on Friday (29 Jan).

Thankfully, the police eventually succeeded in waking the driver – a 41-year-old man – up. He was later arrested on grounds of suspected drink driving.


Police investigations are currently underway.

For driving under the influence of alcohol, the driver faces a fine of up to $10,000 or up to 12 months jail, or both.

Drink driving is extremely dangerous

Drink driving is extremely dangerous and can cause nasty traffic accidents, and in some cases, even loss of lives.

Thankfully, in this case, nobody was hurt. But this might not always be the case.

If there’s one thing we can draw from this incident, it’s to always be responsible on the roads, for the safety of yourself and others.

And of course, to always be aware of who exactly is trying to shake you awake before shoving them away.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Road Accident.

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